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August Tours

A Busy Few Weeks!!


Once again sorry for the long break between posts. The Last few weeks have been crazy busy with us having a whole lot of summer fun! The blog post will cover the last 3 tours we held so hang on!!

Trip 1: Bogatsuru Camping trip with the H Plus store Fukuoka

1_20120830140545.jpg 2_20120830140551.jpg

This was a really fun event with a lot of people new to overnight camping coming along for a really good time. We started from the Chojabaru parking area and after loading up all of our gear we headed out along the Ame ga Ike trail to the Bogatsuru campground.

3_20120830140557.jpg 4_20120830140602.jpg

Most of the members were new to camping and not used to carrying that much gear but everyone dug deep and did really well and were still in good enough spirits that after we reached the campground and setup our tents headed off to climb Mt. Taisen for an afternoon adventure.

5_20120830140608.jpg 6_20120830140615.jpg

Before heading into their tents for their first night camping out we chatted around a small campfire and did some stargazing as the sky was nice and clear.

7_20120830140738.jpg 8_20120830140746.jpg

The next morning after a relaxing wake up we packed up our gear and hiked back, stopping off to enjoy some delicious Dango jiru at the Chojabaru parking area before heading home. It was a really fun tour and I really enjoyed seeing the happy faces of the newly initiated overnight campers.

9_20120830140805.jpg 10_20120830140812.jpg

Our next H Plus hike will be held on the 8th of September when we are going to hike the moonscape of Mt. Aso area.

Trip 2: Mt. Nuki Tour

1_20120830140909.jpg 2_20120830140915.jpg

The day after coming back from the H Plus camping trip we were right back at it, this time travelling north to the Kitakyushu area to hike up Mt. Nuki. This mountain is in the Hiraodai area of Kitakyushu and is littered with fields a beautiful Karst topography caused by carbonic acid carried by rainwater.

3_20120830140922.jpg 4_20120830140927.jpg

Today the weather was really nice and provided us with a really nice view from the top as we sat and relaxed before heading down.

6_20120830140946.jpg 7_20120830140951.jpg

Another common feature of Karst fields is the formations of underground caves and after working up a sweat on the mountain we decided to cool off by heading into one of the cave systems that has been setup as a tourist attraction.

8_20120830140957.jpg 9_20120830141002.jpg

We travelled almost 1km underground and not only did we cool off we got cold but it was a ton of fun!

Trip 3: Nansho ga Taki summer hike

1_20120830141400.jpg 2_20120830141407.jpg

Usually this route is one of our most popular winter hikes when we hike up to see the frozen waterfall but the last time I hiked up here we met a local man who told me about a really cool lesser known route that meanders past another beautiful waterfall down a different valley, so we decided to go and check it out.

3_20120830141418.jpg 4_20120830141426.jpg

We stopped along the ridgeline for lunch before heading down the new trail. The trail down was not that well developed with only a few taped trees marking the way, but that along with a topo map and GPS as backup we managed to stay along the trail.

5_20120830141524.jpg 6_20120830141530.jpg

The trail headed down the ridge and where 2 streams converged just as the old man said was a really beautiful waterfall. This trail was a lot of fun and I think we’ll also have to check this one out in winter too!

7_20120830141505.jpg 8_20120830141512.jpg

It's been a great summer so far with no signs of slowing down for the time being. Stay tuned for the next update soon!

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Can`t Get Any Higher!


This year we held our second trip to Mt. Fuji, at 3776m the highest mountain in Japan. We made our way to the base of the Fujinomiya route by using a ferry, my truck and then finally a shuttle bus to the 5th station before setting off on foot.

2_20120809095029.jpg 3_20120809095036.jpg

We arranged to stay at the Unkaiso mountain hut to help get ourselves acclimatized to the low oxygen levels before heading off to the summit. This also gave us some time to soak in the stunning sunset and the beautiful view.

4_20120809095105.jpg 5_20120809095109.jpg

After a short sleep we headed up toward the summit at around 10 pm as we hoped to catch the sunrise at the top. Time wise it`s only about a 4 hour hike to the top but at this time of year you have to factor in all the people as this is also the most popular time of year to hike Mt. Fuji. I thought that 7 hours should have been plenty of time but unfortunately I was wrong! There were way more people on the mountain then last year, it brought back memories of trying to get out of GM Place after a particularly bad Canucks loss!

6_20120809095132.jpg 7_20120809095142.jpg

So with that being said we missed the sunrise by about 30 minutes but when we did make it to the top we were still greeted with stunning views of the morning sky. The top of Mt. Fuji is a ring surrounding a crater so after a short break we huffed our way to the highest point on the craters edge at 3776m, the highest point in Japan.

8_20120809095203.jpg 9_20120809095208.jpg

Hard to believe but the top of Mt. Fuji is like a mini city fully equipped with vending machines, souvenir shops, a temple, and even a post office! Not quite what you thought it would be eh! So after filling our growling bellies with breakfast we visited the temple and the post office before starting the long trip back down.

10_20120809095235.jpg Mt. Fuji 2012 route 2

The trip down was a lot faster but by half way down all of our knees we screaming at us to stop so by the time we were down they were jello! Nothing a nice warm bath couldn’t cure though, and that’s exactly what we did on the ferry back home!

Our next trip with be this weekend when we head out for a short overnight hike in the Kuju Highlands. There is still some room available so if you’d like to join us drop me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com

Happy trails!

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Helly Hansen Events

From Ocean to Mountain!


Sorry for the long break between posts, even with the rainy season July was a pretty hectic month and August is looking to be even busier but I’ll try my best to keep you all up to date!

1_20120801152419.jpg 2_20120801152427.jpg

Today’s blog is about a great couple of tours I had over the past couple weeks working with Helly Hansen and The North Face. Recently Helly Hansen has had a campaign going on with the artist Matt Sewell from the UK. Matt came to Japan to promote the campaign and also to take part in a couple of hiking events which Helly Hansen asked me to guide. For more information on the campaign check out their home page here.

3_20120801152505.jpg 4_20120801152537.jpg

The first hiking event was held in Kobe on the 21st of July. We had a great hike in the Rokko mountains hiking alongside waterfalls before making our way to the summit where the customers starting making crafts and drawing postcards with Matt’s help. Unfortunately a freak thunderstorm and rain shower sent us scrambling for cover and with no signs of letting up we decided to take the bus back down. Although we all got a little wet we all had a great time!

5_20120801152617.jpg 6_20120801152624.jpg

The second event was last Saturday this time in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture. I took off from Fukuoka Airport on the first flight Saturday morning and we were all hiking around Kamakura by 10:30. The weather this time was sunny with no threats of impending thunderstorms so we took our time exploring. On the way back we walked through some of the famous temples that the area is known for.

7_20120801152658.jpg 8_20120801152703.jpg

This time the arts and crafts portion of the event was held once we got back to the Kamakura shop and after which I made my way back to Haneda and back on a plane home. A long but very enjoyable day.
I want to thank again The North Face Store, Helly Hansen, and all the people at Goldwin for asking me to help them on these 2 great events. I truly had a really great time and I look forward to working with you all again soon.

9_20120801152802.jpg 10_20120801152808.jpg

Now I’m off to start packing for our upcoming trip to Mt. Fuji! Look for that report soon too!

11_20120801152833.jpg IMG_0021_20120801153852.jpg

Until then here is our schedule for August, we've got a bunch of trips on the go and if any of these sound fun to you please drop me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com

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HRD Seminar

Cadaver Dog Seminar


Last weekend Mana and I travelled to Yamanashi prefecture at the base of Mt. Fuji to take part in a Human Remains Detection or HRD Seminar where Mana could learn to identify and alert to the scent of people who have died.

2_20120629231920.jpg 3_20120629231926.jpg
4_20120629231935.jpg 5_20120629231943.jpg

The seminar took place at an absolutely amazing facility, with both indoor and outdoor dog runs, and even a swimming pool, the Woof Dog Resort and great place for those who like to travel with their dogs check out their hompage for more info.

6_20120629232026.jpg 7_20120629232034.jpg
8_20120629232040.jpg 9_20120629232049.jpg

The instructors are legends in the SARDOG community and actually did write the book on Cadaver search. Andy Rebmann and Marcia Koenig from K-9 Specialty Search Associates have been involved with search dogs for over 40 years and have been to Japan to teach a few times over the years to share their wealth of knowledge.

10_20120629232136.jpg 12_20120629232147.jpg

I want to thank Emi Masuda for all the hard work involved in arranging the seminar as well as the translation, it was wonderful to finally meet you and you did a great job!

12_20120629232147.jpg 13_20120629232212.jpg

A total of 30 people came from all over the country, representing about 11 rescue dog associations and it was really fun to make new friends and to meet with old ones and get caught up.

14_20120629232312.jpg 15_20120629232318.jpg
16_20120629232420.jpg 17_20120629232428.jpg

The seminar was conducted over 3 days and involved both lectures as well as hands on practice, as per the norm Mana was full of beans and rearing to go and she did really well throughout the whole course, she’s definitely built for this!

18_20120629232611.jpg 19_20120629232616.jpg
20_20120629232622.jpg 21_20120629232628.jpg

We used Pseudo Scent 1 and 2 and a variety of other training aids to familiarize the dogs with the scent of human remains of various stages of decomposition.

22_20120629232709.jpg 23_20120629232714.jpg
24_20120629232736.jpg 25_20120629232744.jpg

We first worked indoors on simple problems to imprint the scent so the dogs would know what to alert on and as they got the swing of it we gradually made the searches more and more difficult until we were outside running searches.

26_20120629232949.jpg 28_20120629233005.jpg
27_20120629233052.jpg 29_20120629233109.jpg

It was a really fun seminar and we learned a lot! Marcia, Andy , and Emi were just great and I’m really looking forward to the next seminar. A fantastic experience!

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Sports Taping Seminar

Sports Taping Seminar


■6月23日(土) ボディコンディショニング&テーピング講座


Both Hiking and Kayaking are sports that can at times be hard on our body and if something happens when you're out in the field there are ways you can help yourself,  this seminar will teach you how to do that.  If you would like to join this important event please send an email to me at john@amarok-outdoors.com or to Tetsuya at tetsu@southernworks.com




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