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Yakushima, from sea to sky!


Once again we went back to Yakushima during the 3 day weekend at the beginning of October, no matter how many times I go I can’t get enough of this place!!

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This time instead of the 3 day traverse we decided to take it easy with time by the sea and a short day trip on Sunday. After we arrived on the island we went to visit our friends at YNAC before heading to Kurio to set up our camp. Kurio is a cute little hamlet located over half way around the island and is one of the most popular divesites on the island.

3_20121024082923.jpg 4_20121024082929.jpg

After our camp was setup there was time to head to the beach and wade through the tidal pools that were teeming with life. Before we head home we were planning to go for a dive and after looking at all the creatures in the pools we really started to look forward to it!

6_20121024083110.jpg 7_20121024083116.jpg
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The next morning we drove up to the Senpiro waterfall hidden deep in the valley were we stopped for some pictures before heading up to Mt.Mochomu.

8_20121024083128.jpg 9_20121024083134.jpg
12_20121024083236.jpg 13_20121024083241.jpg

I’ve been wanting to climb this mountain for a while and was really excited. The trail is not that long when compared to other routes on Yakushima but the grade makes it quite a hump to the top but believe me ITS WORTH IT! The view from the top is breathtaking!!

14_20121024083342.jpg 15_20121024083348.jpg
16_20121024083423.jpg 17_20121024083429.jpg

After taking in the awe inspiring scenery we headed back to our camp where after a short break it was time for a dive. Dave and I dove here a few years ago and were really eager to get in the water for a sunset dive.

18_20121024083521.jpg 19_20121024083527.jpg
20_20121024083542.jpg 21_20121024083548.jpg

My camera wasn’t working properly so the pictures didn’t turn out like I had hoped but I got a couple that show you a little bit of how beautiful the waters around Yakushima are.

22_20121024083627.jpg 23_20121024083632.jpg

The last day we got up early and after cleaning up our camp we headed out for a bit of sightseeing before getting on the ferry for home. We stopped by a Gajumaru or Banyan tree made famous in the NHK drama “Manten”, as well as the Oko waterfall, one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan.

26_20121024083718.jpg 25_20121024083712.jpg

As we were driving through the Natural heritage site I got a great shot that is the epitome of Yakushima, on the side of the road we saw a family of Yakushima Macaus and as I was taking their picture a deer calmly walked up beside them and the Macaus didn’t even flinch, pure harmony! Awesome!


I love this place!!


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