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August Tours

A Busy Few Weeks!!


Once again sorry for the long break between posts. The Last few weeks have been crazy busy with us having a whole lot of summer fun! The blog post will cover the last 3 tours we held so hang on!!

Trip 1: Bogatsuru Camping trip with the H Plus store Fukuoka

1_20120830140545.jpg 2_20120830140551.jpg

This was a really fun event with a lot of people new to overnight camping coming along for a really good time. We started from the Chojabaru parking area and after loading up all of our gear we headed out along the Ame ga Ike trail to the Bogatsuru campground.

3_20120830140557.jpg 4_20120830140602.jpg

Most of the members were new to camping and not used to carrying that much gear but everyone dug deep and did really well and were still in good enough spirits that after we reached the campground and setup our tents headed off to climb Mt. Taisen for an afternoon adventure.

5_20120830140608.jpg 6_20120830140615.jpg

Before heading into their tents for their first night camping out we chatted around a small campfire and did some stargazing as the sky was nice and clear.

7_20120830140738.jpg 8_20120830140746.jpg

The next morning after a relaxing wake up we packed up our gear and hiked back, stopping off to enjoy some delicious Dango jiru at the Chojabaru parking area before heading home. It was a really fun tour and I really enjoyed seeing the happy faces of the newly initiated overnight campers.

9_20120830140805.jpg 10_20120830140812.jpg

Our next H Plus hike will be held on the 8th of September when we are going to hike the moonscape of Mt. Aso area.

Trip 2: Mt. Nuki Tour

1_20120830140909.jpg 2_20120830140915.jpg

The day after coming back from the H Plus camping trip we were right back at it, this time travelling north to the Kitakyushu area to hike up Mt. Nuki. This mountain is in the Hiraodai area of Kitakyushu and is littered with fields a beautiful Karst topography caused by carbonic acid carried by rainwater.

3_20120830140922.jpg 4_20120830140927.jpg

Today the weather was really nice and provided us with a really nice view from the top as we sat and relaxed before heading down.

6_20120830140946.jpg 7_20120830140951.jpg

Another common feature of Karst fields is the formations of underground caves and after working up a sweat on the mountain we decided to cool off by heading into one of the cave systems that has been setup as a tourist attraction.

8_20120830140957.jpg 9_20120830141002.jpg

We travelled almost 1km underground and not only did we cool off we got cold but it was a ton of fun!

Trip 3: Nansho ga Taki summer hike

1_20120830141400.jpg 2_20120830141407.jpg

Usually this route is one of our most popular winter hikes when we hike up to see the frozen waterfall but the last time I hiked up here we met a local man who told me about a really cool lesser known route that meanders past another beautiful waterfall down a different valley, so we decided to go and check it out.

3_20120830141418.jpg 4_20120830141426.jpg

We stopped along the ridgeline for lunch before heading down the new trail. The trail down was not that well developed with only a few taped trees marking the way, but that along with a topo map and GPS as backup we managed to stay along the trail.

5_20120830141524.jpg 6_20120830141530.jpg

The trail headed down the ridge and where 2 streams converged just as the old man said was a really beautiful waterfall. This trail was a lot of fun and I think we’ll also have to check this one out in winter too!

7_20120830141505.jpg 8_20120830141512.jpg

It's been a great summer so far with no signs of slowing down for the time being. Stay tuned for the next update soon!


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