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Can`t Get Any Higher!


This year we held our second trip to Mt. Fuji, at 3776m the highest mountain in Japan. We made our way to the base of the Fujinomiya route by using a ferry, my truck and then finally a shuttle bus to the 5th station before setting off on foot.

2_20120809095029.jpg 3_20120809095036.jpg

We arranged to stay at the Unkaiso mountain hut to help get ourselves acclimatized to the low oxygen levels before heading off to the summit. This also gave us some time to soak in the stunning sunset and the beautiful view.

4_20120809095105.jpg 5_20120809095109.jpg

After a short sleep we headed up toward the summit at around 10 pm as we hoped to catch the sunrise at the top. Time wise it`s only about a 4 hour hike to the top but at this time of year you have to factor in all the people as this is also the most popular time of year to hike Mt. Fuji. I thought that 7 hours should have been plenty of time but unfortunately I was wrong! There were way more people on the mountain then last year, it brought back memories of trying to get out of GM Place after a particularly bad Canucks loss!

6_20120809095132.jpg 7_20120809095142.jpg

So with that being said we missed the sunrise by about 30 minutes but when we did make it to the top we were still greeted with stunning views of the morning sky. The top of Mt. Fuji is a ring surrounding a crater so after a short break we huffed our way to the highest point on the craters edge at 3776m, the highest point in Japan.

8_20120809095203.jpg 9_20120809095208.jpg

Hard to believe but the top of Mt. Fuji is like a mini city fully equipped with vending machines, souvenir shops, a temple, and even a post office! Not quite what you thought it would be eh! So after filling our growling bellies with breakfast we visited the temple and the post office before starting the long trip back down.

10_20120809095235.jpg Mt. Fuji 2012 route 2

The trip down was a lot faster but by half way down all of our knees we screaming at us to stop so by the time we were down they were jello! Nothing a nice warm bath couldn’t cure though, and that’s exactly what we did on the ferry back home!

Our next trip with be this weekend when we head out for a short overnight hike in the Kuju Highlands. There is still some room available so if you’d like to join us drop me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com

Happy trails!


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