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Sorry for the long break between posts, even with the rainy season July was a pretty hectic month and August is looking to be even busier but I’ll try my best to keep you all up to date!

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Today’s blog is about a great couple of tours I had over the past couple weeks working with Helly Hansen and The North Face. Recently Helly Hansen has had a campaign going on with the artist Matt Sewell from the UK. Matt came to Japan to promote the campaign and also to take part in a couple of hiking events which Helly Hansen asked me to guide. For more information on the campaign check out their home page here.

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The first hiking event was held in Kobe on the 21st of July. We had a great hike in the Rokko mountains hiking alongside waterfalls before making our way to the summit where the customers starting making crafts and drawing postcards with Matt’s help. Unfortunately a freak thunderstorm and rain shower sent us scrambling for cover and with no signs of letting up we decided to take the bus back down. Although we all got a little wet we all had a great time!

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The second event was last Saturday this time in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture. I took off from Fukuoka Airport on the first flight Saturday morning and we were all hiking around Kamakura by 10:30. The weather this time was sunny with no threats of impending thunderstorms so we took our time exploring. On the way back we walked through some of the famous temples that the area is known for.

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This time the arts and crafts portion of the event was held once we got back to the Kamakura shop and after which I made my way back to Haneda and back on a plane home. A long but very enjoyable day.
I want to thank again The North Face Store, Helly Hansen, and all the people at Goldwin for asking me to help them on these 2 great events. I truly had a really great time and I look forward to working with you all again soon.

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Now I’m off to start packing for our upcoming trip to Mt. Fuji! Look for that report soon too!

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Until then here is our schedule for August, we've got a bunch of trips on the go and if any of these sound fun to you please drop me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com


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