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A misty day in Kuju,

and a clear, chilly day on Mt. Fukuchi.

Once again I have to apologize for giving in to the procrastinator side of my personality and not updating the blog sooner...I’m still a work in progress!!!

Anyway, the past couple weeks have been pretty busy, but in a good way, with a couple of really fun tours. Our first tour was to Bogatsuru in Kuju followed by a trip to Mt. Fukuchi last Sunday.


Donkey (1) Donkey (2)
Donkey (3) Donkey (4)

Last time we were here the ground was covered with the frozen white stuff, but this time with the coming of spring the snow had turned to rain. Most people would have given up at the first hint of rain but not our intrepid adventurers, we donned our rain wear and headed up the trail and were rewarded with a really fun day.

Donkey (5) Donkey (6)

As we reached the Bogatsuru marshland the clouds were still low and again we couldn’t see the surrounding mountains but after our lunch break the clouds had lifted enough that the mountains were peeking through and we could see the sun working hard to burn off the rest.

Donkey (7) Donkey (8)
Donkey (9) Donkey (10)

As we cheerfully heading back down the Yoshibe valley the mist started to roll in and gave us a really cool mysterious vibe. Of course we stopped by the Kurasome waterfall for a quick coffee break before heading back to the car and the awaiting onsen!

Donkey (11) Donkey (12)

Mt. Fukuchi

fukuchi (1) fukuchi (2)

Last Sunday we headed up from the Nogata side of the mountain which is one of the more quicker routes up. Today finally we had a sunny day, the last few trips have been swallowed by clouds and rain, which is also fun but it’s nice to have a clear blue sky, especially here where the view is HUGE!!

fukuchi (4) fukuchi (6)
fukuchi (7) fukuchi (5)

The sky was clear and really beautiful but as payment for that was the last bite of winter, a really chilly wind was cutting through the forest and as we progressed up the mountain the speed and chilliness progressed as well. We headed to the mountain hut first to have lunch before making our ascent to the top and were glad we did because at least we had nice warm bellies when we hit the -1osummit and howling wind!

fukuchi (3) fukuchi (8)

I think we were on the top for only about 5 to 10 minutes, enough to take in the scenery and snap a proof of life picture before scrambling down into the tree line for some respite from the wind. The descent was a quick one with the trail heading straight down the ridgeline. Once again we stopped by the Shiraito waterfall for some minus ions before heading down.

fukuchi (9) fukuchi (11)
fukuchi (10) fukuchi (12)

Both of these trips were quite different in nature but we had a great time and I can’t wait to head out again. This weekend we’re heading off to Hyogo once again! This time we’re taking part in a WMA Brush up course to go and practice our First Aid and Rescue skills.

Stay tuned for that report too!


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