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Wilderness First Aid Course


Last weekend for the first time in Kyushu, a Wilderness Medical Associates 2 day “Wilderness First Aid” course was held in Yasukogen. Amarok sponsored this event as last year I went to Nagano to take the 4 day course and was so impressed by how good it was and vowed to do what I can to help bring wilderness medicine to Kyushu.

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Tak, Isamu, and Chizuru from Backcountry Rescue came all the way from Tokyo to teach the course. I first met them last year in Nagano and was completely blown away by their depth of knowledge and their ability to make a difficult subject easy to understand, even for me!

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What makes these courses different from other First Aid courses is in the focus. The usual first aid course teaches you what to do to help someone until professional help arrives whether it be police, fire or ambulance, help is usually only a few minutes away. The focus of this course is to teach you what to do when help will take a long time to get to you or may not be able to come at all.

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This course is not only for the outdoor professional, it is for anyone who wants to be better prepared when they go anywhere that may take professional help a long time to arrive whether it be in the backcountry or even in a disaster situation like we had here last year. The beauty of these courses is the combination of both classroom lectures and lots of practical sessions where we can get a chance to put what we learned in the classroom to actual use. These aren’t your regular easy scenarios either the student were told that if you’re supposed to see blood you’ll see blood, and that they did!

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The course had a total of 10 students who were for all walks of life; we had doctors, dentists, pharmacists, outdoor guides, scout leaders, and avid hikers all eager to learn. After brief introductions we dove right in to the course learning about the Patient Assessment System, the major body systems and the problems those systems can encounter, as well as thermal induced emergencies and over the following day as well a ton of other things including the use of the Epipen to fight Anaphylaxis, all combined with practical sessions. It is one thing to feel you know a subject in your head but when you need to perform, it definitely puts your comprehension level to the test!

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It was an intense 2 days of study but I’m positive everyone went home tired and completely satisfied! The next course will likely be held in the fall when my friends from Tokyo come back to help take us to the next level of Wilderness Medicine and make Kyushu a safer place to go play outside.

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If you have any questions about this or any other course please feel free to contact me at anytime at john@amarok-outdoors.com or learn more at Wilderness Medical Associates for English or Backcountry Rescue for information in Japanese.


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