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Not quite the weekend I had planned!


If you look at the Amarok schedule for the past weekend you’d see 2 days of fun in the sun at the annual Sunset live event. A really fun time that I look forward to every year as we work with The North Face Store to provide some light Kayak adventures for all the fun loving people at the event。。。but not this year!

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       Sunset 2010            Sunset 2011

The event was still held, albeit with a few delays, but because of the Typhoon the ocean conditions sucked. Huge waves were crashing along the shoreline and all over the place putting an end to my annual fun time for 2011.

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But fear not as there is no rest for the wicked, just as I was beginning to thinking about what to do with my free time on Sunday I got a phone call from the Rescue Dog Association telling me about a search on Sunday and if we were free to go. So off we went!

5_20110906003939.jpg 6_20110906003949.jpg

The search was for an 85 year old woman who had left her house in Kokonoe, Oita, on the 19th of August and had not yet come home. For about 3 days after she went missing the police and fire departments search the area but not a trace was found.

7_20110906004022.jpg 8_20110906004029.jpg

After the local authorities gave up the search the family called on us to continue and we did, with 4 energetic and well trained German shepherds and their handlers. We started the search at around 0900 Sunday morning and after about an hour of searching we found her. Unfortunately she was deceased at the bottom of a steep ravine but we took comfort that we could help the family finally bring some sort of closure to this traumatic event.

9_20110906004223.jpg 10_20110906004240.jpg

Once again this experience has brought up feeling about the whole rescue response system in this country. The police only brought out 1 search dog at the start of the search on the 20th. I dog can only search a certain amount. If we had received a callout at the beginning of the incident we would have brought more dogs to cover more area and she could have been brought home on the 20th of August instead of on the 4th of September as it only took us an hour to do what they couldn`t do in 3 days.


I hope they come to realize this soon!


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