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Presents For Mana,


For anyone who takes there dog into the backcountry you know how hard it is to find good outdoor dog gear, especially in Japan as everything seems to cater only to small dogs. One maker that I have always liked is Ruffwear from the U.S. Their slogan is “For dogs on the go” and the gear they make is awesome.

I’m trying to become a dealer in Japan and have been in touch with them to help them find a distributer but in the mean time they gave me some samples to help promote their products in Japan. Take a look and then check out their home page for more!

Leads, Collars and Bowls,

1_20110530134042.jpg 2_20110530134053.jpg
3_20110530134145.jpg 4_20110530134153.jpg

I’ve been using and older type of their Top Rope Collar for a while so I was really happy to get the new type along with their Flat Out Leash with its new “Talon Clip”. This will be our new main leash and collar for SAR work as well as our everyday wanderings. We also received a Hoopie Collar with its really cool Cascades design and the single walled ultra light Bivy Bowl.

5_20110530134313.jpg 6_20110530134325.jpg

Vibram soled Dog boots!

7_20110530134400.jpg 8_20110530134408.jpg

I have wanted these for a while! They are the best boots on the market today with a nice cool upper and soles that use the same Vibram rubber as all the high quality hiking boots. They even have socks to go with them! These guys think of everything!


It took a bit for Mana to get used to them but it provided a lot of entertainment watching her prance around like a horse. But you can see that she’s now relaxed with them as she’s resting on her Highlands bed also by Ruffwear.

Palasades Pack

12_20110530134815.jpg 10_20110530134827.jpg

Definitely the “piece de la resistance”, this pack is awesome with enough room to fit all the bowls, beds, food, and what not. One af the great things about this pack is that the base of it is the Ruffwear Web master harness which is already one of the most popular harnesses on the market. For the pack they added snap clips at the front and back so all you have to do is clip the pack on to the harness and you ready to go and when you’re done just unclip it and you dog still has her harness on, nice and quick!

11_20110530134904.jpg 13_20110530134912.jpg

Another great feature is that this pack come with two 1L water bladders on each side, so that your pup will have all the water she needs during your trip. They even have small zips on the side that you just open and pull the hose out to fill up the bowl! Too easy!!

Watch for us as we scramble into the mountains decked out in all our cool stuff and if you want to learn more check out the Ruffwear homepage to see their complete line up!



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