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A trip to Otari

Another great road trip


Hey everyone! Sorry for the long break between postings but I’ve been on a bit of a road trip. This time Mana and I travelled first to Nagano and then on to Saitama and Tokyo before heading back to Fukuoka. Today I’m only going to talk about the Nagano part of the trip and I’ll save the rest for next time.

1_20110501102929.jpg 2_20110501102939.jpg

We headed up once by car to Otari, Nagano, a small little village about a 40 minute drive from Hakuba and surrounded by the beautiful Northern Alps. Otari is home to the Nagano school of Outward Bound, an international outdoor education organization and sponsored an Advanced Wilderness First Aid course by Wilderness Medical Associates.

3_20110501103029.jpg 4_20110501103035.jpg

Wilderness Medical Associates is an internationally recognized leader in wilderness medicine and rescue training and I was really happy to find this course as not only was it taught in English but Dave Ramsey, the instructor is an EMT and a SAR Dog handler in the states so we had lots to chat about during the breaks.

6_20110501103842.jpg 7_20110501104019.jpg
8_20110501104113.jpg 9_20110501104120.jpg

The course was an intense 36 hours with a great bunch of about 20 participants from all around Japan. The mornings were filled with lectures and quizzes and the afternoons were full of practical scenarios out in the surrounding forests. The evenings were a combination of onsen and study, just a hint but if you have a choice study BEFORE you hit the onsen!

10_20110501104211.jpg 11_20110501104221.jpg
12_20110501104251.jpg 13_20110501104300.jpg

A final exam marked the end of the course and there were smiles all around when we found out that everyone passed, I always find it wonderfully amazing how a group of people who you never knew before can become such good friends in such a short time when you go through something like this. Happy Birthday Isamu!

14_20110501104336.jpg 15_20110501104345.jpg
IMG_4844.jpg Isamu.jpg

After the course Mana and I headed out with the instructors for a nice day of hiking along the famous “Salt Road” a historical trail that brought supplies from the Japan sea inland.

hike 0 hike 1
hike 2 hike 3
hike 5 hike 6

It was a really great course that I recommend to anyone. I want to thank Outward Bound for sponsoring the course and for their wonderful hospitality and delicious meals. I will definitely be going again!

Image (9)

If you are interested in learning more about the course feel free to stop by the shop to chat about it. We’ll be in the shop today, and tomorrow. The 3rd we will be participating in a SAR Dog event in Aso but for those who want to go for a hike we’ll be heading to the mountains on the 4th for our first hike of May.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the road trip!


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