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There and Back Again


Sorry for the long break between posts but if you been watching the news at all then I’m sure you’ll understand. Last week Mana and I along with other members of the Kyushu Rescue Dog Association traveled up to Northern Honshu to do what we could to help in the rescue effort.

1_20110324131803.jpg a_20110324131815.jpg

As we couldn’t arrange travel with the military or other rescue agencies (A topic for a blog when this is all over!) so we used our own vehicles for the over 4000 km mission. As we got closer to Fukushima Prefecture we were given a pass for rescue vehicles which allowed us to travel on the highway and get gas all the way up to the site.

2_20110324131919.jpg 3_20110324131927.jpg
4_20110324131935.jpg 5_20110324131944.jpg

After a quick stop in Sendai we headed up to Kesennuma, one of the hardest hit areas and as we got closer to the city the words of my Fisheries instructor at BCIT, Gary Rosberg came hauntingly into my head, “Never underestimate the power of moving water!” He could never have been so right, the devastation was everywhere! I’ll let the pictures describe the scene as I can’t find the words. After linking up with the Saitama Rescue Dog Association we started searching a residential area looking in cars houses and piles of debris but not getting any live finds.

6_20110324132037.jpg 7_20110324132046.jpg
8_20110324132052.jpg 9_20110324132102.jpg
14_20110324132242.jpg 15_20110324132249.jpg

As we were searching the woman in her late twenty’s came up to us with an infant on her back. She pulled a babies pacifier from her pocket and asked if it would help us find her other child. They lived on the 2nd floor of an apartment and thought that they would be ok, but as the water continued to rise they tried to escape and as her older child started to get washed away her husband tried to save him. They both were washed away and haven’t been found yet. We tried to find them and I wanted to go back there the next day but because of a fire in the area we weren’t allowed back.

10_20110324132144.jpg 11_20110324132150.jpg
12_20110324132156.jpg 13_20110324132202.jpg
16_20110324132416.jpg 17_20110324132422.jpg
18_20110324132428.jpg 19_20110324132437.jpg

The following day we linked up with the army unit from Beppu,Oita to continue searching. The morning was spent searching along a river filled with debris where the remains of one person was found. The afternoon we searched an area closer to the waterfront where there were areas that were completely washed away with nothing left and some areas where entire houses had been pushed together and back by the waves into one huge crumpled mess making for treacherous searching.

20_20110324132515.jpg 21_20110324132523.jpg
22_20110324132543.jpg 23_20110324132554.jpg
24_20110324132643.jpg 25_20110324132702.jpg

We had to be back in Fukuoka by Thursday but I hated to leave as there is still so much to do. Time is running out for those who may still be alive and trapped. Even after the Rescue operation is over there are still over 10000 people missing and families connected to those people who can’t carry on until their loved ones are found.

27_20110324132738.jpg 28_20110324132747.jpg

This is what we have been training for and this is what we can do but there is something that we can all do, we can all help in some way. Please everyone lets look for some way to help, most of these people lost everything so what ever you can do I konw they will appreciate it!


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