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A weekend chillin’ out in Bogatsuru


Well the long Kyushu winter season is almost over, all 2 months of it! But not before we had a chance to get out for some overnight wintery fun in Bogatsuru. We packed up the stuff we’d need and headed into the wilderness.

1_20110227091601.jpg 2_20110227091609.jpg

It was Mie San and Yukiko San’s first overnight trip into the mountains so there were some “am I going to be ok???”looks going around but after reassuring them they felt better…..I think?

3_20110227091727.jpg 4_20110227091821.jpg

We slowly made our way through the forest and up to Bogatsuru where we setup our gear in the new hut that was built last year. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the area and eating, and eating, and oh yeah, eating!!

5_20110227091904.jpg 6_20110227091911.jpg

After a yummy supper ( I always seem to say that about whatever I cook eh?) we headed to the relaxing onsen before finally tucking ourselves into our sleeping bags and heading off to sleep.

7_20110227091920.jpg 8_20110227091925.jpg

The next morning we woke up and headed to Mt. Taisen, the tallest peak closest to us. The trail was still covered with snow so we put our crampons on early and crunched up the mountain.

9_20110227091933.jpg 10_20110227091939.jpg
11_20110227092116.jpg 12_20110227092124.jpg

Looking behind us from time to time the scenery opened up and we knew we were in for a treat at the top. We were not wrong! Although it was a partly cloudy day, the clouds were at a high altitude and the air was so clear. We could see for miles and miles. From the top of Mt. Taisen we could see mountains from 4 separate prefectures and if I was right possibly Saga too!

13_20110227092132.jpg 14_20110227092147.jpg
16_20110227092335.jpg 17_20110227092347.jpg

The top of Mt. Taisen was also the only place with Rime Frost (霧氷) still covering some of the trees but we could hear the sound of ice cracking as it melted. The sound brought back memories of diving on coral reefs.

18_20110227092354.jpg 19_20110227092403.jpg
20_20110227092414.jpg 21_20110227092528.jpg

Bogatsuru Panorama

The trip down the mountain was a lot faster than the hike up as we chose the fun way to travel, Butt sliding!!

22_20110227092804.jpg 23_20110227092622.jpg

Reaching the lodge in a hour we packed up our stuff, had lunch and then headed back to the car. We were just about to hit the wooded part of the trail when I looked across the beautiful Bogatsuru meadow went I saw something that just wasn’t a bush. I wasn’t sure what it was so I took a picture and zoomed it to see a big boar watching us head home, I almost had the feeling like he was saying “Thank you for coming and please come again!”, or maybe it was more like “Hey that Shephards cute!” anyway whatever he was thinking he made for a great finish to a wonderful trip bringing back a feeling of wilderness that you don’t normally get.

24_20110227092842.jpg 25_20110227093515.jpg

On the way we stopped by my favorite waterfall to see it partially frozen before heading back to the truck. It was a really fun camping trip, giving the girls the experience of carrying everything they need to be self sufficient for a day, and although the pack was heavier than a day trip they really seemed to have a good time.

26_20110227093304.jpg 27_20110227093315.jpg

Our next scheduled camping trip is the Mt. Kunimi trailhead camp on the 16th and 17th of April. If you want a really easy start to outdoor camping why not join us and come see the beautiful Shakunage covered mountains of Kumamoto.

ë#181;æ£ 139

Happy Trails!


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