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Merr yChristmas!


Hi everyone I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brought you some cool mountain gear. Usually I find it a little hard to get into the Christmas feel here in Fukuoka but this year it actually snowed which made for a real Christmas feeling.

2_20101226101731.jpg 3_20101226101743.jpg

For me what goes along with Christmas is knowing that the winter mountain season is upon us and to kick things off this year I thought go big or go home, so we took on the tallest mountain on Kyushu, Mt. Naka in the Kuju Highlands.

5_20101226103347.jpg 6_20101226103353.jpg 7_20101226103359.jpg

We started from Makinoto Pass and on the way up the first grind we could see that Rime Frost had formed on the bushes higher up. Rime Frost is ice that forms when the water droplets in fog freeze to the outer surfaces of objects and it freezes to the windward or wind-facing side of tree branches, or any type of solid object and it’s just beautiful!

8_20101226103502.jpg 9_20101226103506.jpg 10_20101226103511.jpg

After a short Rime Frost photo shoot we headed further up until Mt. Kuju came into view, past the Kuju Juction and on towards Mt. Naka. Between the Kuju Junction and Mt. Naka there is a small lake that freezes over in winter that you can actually walk across. It always brings back a lot of memories of playing hockey with my friends on a frozen lake back in Canada!

11_20101226102106.jpg 12_20101226102116.jpg
13_20101226102202.jpg 14_20101226102211.jpg
15_20101226102247.jpg 16_20101226102256.jpg

After getting a few good laughs watching Mana trying to cross the lake we found a good spot to kick back for lunch and while Dave took a smoke break and Mie San kept Mana busy I made the perfect dish for a winter adventure, Kimuchi Nabe!! Just the thing to warm you up!

17_20101226102307.jpg 18_20101226102315.jpg
19_20101226102329.jpg 20_20101226102435.jpg

With warm bellies we made our way to the summit and were rewarded with just a beautiful view of Bogatsuru and even Mt. Yufu. The wind at the top was blazing but it was still awesome! Making our way back the lake we had a short coffee break before heading down under a spectacular evening sky.

21_20101226102516.jpg 22_20101226102526.jpg
23_20101226102534.jpg 24.jpg

Mt. Naka was a great way to start off the winter hiking season. Our next tour will be “Hatsu Hi No De” or the first sunrise of the new year starting in the wee hours of Jan 1st, followed by “Hatsu Nobori” or the first hike of the year taking place on Jan 9th. If you feel like starting the new year off right and want to join us on any of these fun tours see the Amarok Schedule for more details.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and thank you all for your support throughout the year!


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Looks Awesome

Looks really awesome!I’m glad to see that everyone is having such a great time。And congratulations on opening up the new shop、really looking forward to seeing the photos from that party!

2011-01-10 月 02:53:44 | URL | Ben #NrnKrJ0U [ 編集]

Hey Ben!

Happy New Year Ben!

How ya doing? 
It was a great tour、and thanks for the congrats!
Next time you’re in Fukuoka make sure you stop by ok!

2011-01-13 木 08:45:16 | URL | John #- [ 編集]



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