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Sasebo Kayak Tour


How would you feel about spending a night on a deserted island with nothing except what you brought with you? Well that’s exactly what we did last weekend, we drove to Sasebo in Nagasaki and met up with Matsumoto San from Southern Works who was our guide for the tour.

2_20101113225107.jpg 35_20101113225231.jpg

Before loading our Kayaks up with the supplies we would need for the trip we scarfed down Sasebo burgers to give us the energy to paddle to our destination.

3_20101113225313.jpg 4_20101113225322.jpg

With our tummys full and a wonderful aftertaste in our mouths we packed up and then headed out on our adventure. The island is actually only about an hour and a half paddle so we reached the island fairly quickly.

5_20101113225355.jpg 65.jpg

After hauling our Kayaks up on the beach we set up our campsite and then collected firewood before starting dinner. On the menu tonight, curry and rice, great to warm up on! After dinner the bar opened and it was time to relax by the fire. Fuji San, a friend of Matsumoto San’s joined us on our trip and brought some squid for us to roast on the fire, it was delicious, thank you Fuji San!!

11_20101113225521.jpg 7_20101113225512.jpg
8_20101113225608.jpg 10_20101113225615.jpg

Around 10:30 we all headed for our tents for a good nights sleep, a little earlier than usual but we wanted to wake up to see the sunrise at around 7:00 which was spectacular, the pictures don’t do it justice!

12_20101113225733.jpg 14_20101113230132.jpg

Breakfast was pancakes, actually PANCAKE! Just 1, but it was HUGE! Matsumoto San showed us how to make a pancake using a Dutch Oven on the campfire, and it was awesome, look how thick it was! We also had eggs and sausages and of course coffee!!

15_20101113230205.jpg 16_20101113230223.jpg
17_20101113230231.jpg 18_20101113230238.jpg

After repacking everything we headed out on the return trip to Sasebo and the awaiting onsen. It was a really great tour which we hope to run again more in the future.

19_20101113230340.jpg 21_20101113230349.jpg

Until next time happy trails and happy paddles!!


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Thank you for your kindness only here.
The camp that had been so laughed was after a long time.

Moreover, let's meet. 
On the sea …o(^▽^)o

2010-11-24 水 18:38:45 | URL | Fuji #- [ 編集]

Thank You!!

Fuji San、 thank you for your comment!
It was great to see you again and even better to go camping!
Thank you for the delicious squid! On the BBQ it was fantastic!

See you again soon!

2010-11-26 金 00:18:52 | URL | John #- [ 編集]



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