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Hey everyone, sorry about not updating the blog for a while, my computer has been acting up lately so keep your eyes open for a lot of tour reports in the next few days! How was your long weekend? We had a wonderful trip to the southern island of Yakushima from the 9th to the 11th. It was my ninth time to visit this magical place and the more I go, the more I love it!

皆さんこんにちは、ツアーレポート遅くなってすみません!!パソコンのちょうしがめちゃわるかった! 皆さんの三連休はどうでした?俺たちは屋久島の方に行って来ました!ちょ~楽しかった!今回で僕は9回目なんだけど毎回いつもさいこう!

IMG_0469.jpg IMG_0475.jpg

In pure Yakushima style our first day was spent in the rain and even before we started our first hike we saw deer and monkeys littering the road up to our destination, Yakusugi Land. During the hike the magic continued, we took the 80 minute course with a nice relaxing coffee break next to our favorite river and deer continuing to pop up around what seemed like every corner.


IMG_0527.jpg IMG_0487.jpg

After the hike we headed to our cabin and after grabbing a hot shower we enjoyed some yummy kimuchi nabe and headed to bed early as we had yet another early start on Sunday as our target was Jomon Sugi a 22 km round trip!

屋久杉ランドのあとにキャンプ場に行って、YUMMY なキムチ鍋をたべたあとに次の日の準備してから早めに寝た。次の日は往復22kmの縄文杉です!

IMG_0538.jpg IMG_0495.jpg

We woke up at 0 dark 30 (3:30) and after a much needed shot of coffee (actually shots!)and breakfast we headed off to the trailhead. Instead of the usual route to Jomon, today we headed in from the Shiratani Unsuikyo trail. The trail was still dark when we started walking but by the time we got to the Shiratani hut the sun was peeking through the trees putting a beautiful glow throughout the forest.


IMG_0541.jpg IMG_0543.jpg

When we reached the Tsuji Pass area the weather was so beautiful we decided to leave our packs and sprint up to Taiko Iwa to take in of my most favorite views and we were greatly rewarded for our efforts!


IMG_0550.jpg IMG_0570.jpg

After hopping, skipping, and tripping our way back to the pass and to our packs, we continued on to our destination, quickly reaching the “Toroko Michi” and then on to “Wilson`s Stump”, a huge hollowed out cedar stump that can fit over 20 people and if you look up at a certain angle you can clearly see the heart of Wilson.


IMG_0571.jpg IMG_0625.jpg

After a quick break for pictures we carried on and after “digging deep” for the “Jigoku no Kaidan” or “Steps from Hell” we reached Jomon sugi just after noon. When we arrived there were a ton of people on the platform so after a quick photo shoot we headed a little further up the trail for lunch to wait out the crowd.


IMG_0658.jpg IMG_0633.jpg

After grub we headed back to Jomon and luckily the crowds had gone away and we had almost the whole area to ourselves. This trip to Jomon was special as it was Yano san`s birthday! Yano san helped organize all the people for this trip and after speaking to some of the other members we planned a little surprise for her. We all wrote on a bandana little birthday messages and gave it to her in front of Jomon and we all got the reaction from her that we wanted, she was so surprised that we could see her eyes watering up!


IMG_0612.jpg IMG_0636.jpg

Yanochan Happy Birthday!!


After the celebrations we started to head back down the mountain, the pace down was a lot easier and once again we stopped at Wilson Stump for more pictures before reaching the “Toroko Michi” and the route down. By the time we reached the Tsuji Pass we were in the dark and had a really fun time working our way down past the Mononoke forest and on down to the trailhead and our way home.



After we got back to the cabin it was time for a BBQ!!! There was no early start planned for the next day so we could all take it easy and have a relaxing time eating delicious food and finishing off with a birthday cake for Yanochan!

キャンプにもどったらBBQ!!! 次の日はもっとゆっくりだから夜はのんびり楽しんだ。もちろん最後はやのちゃんの誕生日ケーキ!!

IMG_0646.jpg IMG_0647.jpg

After a French toast breakfast and a walk along the beach and tidal pools we headed off sightseeing. We stopped off at “Oko no Taki” one of the top 100 waterfalls of Japan before driving through the World Natural heritage site. Once again deer and monkeys of all sizes were all over the place making for a real magical experience.

IMG_0640.jpg IMG_0642.jpg


IMG_0650.jpg IMG_0667_20101020232356.jpg

Like I said earlier the more I come here the more I fall in love with this place, and this time was no different. It was a great tour with really wonderful people! Even if you only go once I highly recommend it, no matter what the weather you will love it too!




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