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Lake Biwa Kayak Event


Last weekend I helped out Matsumoto San from Southern Works Kayaking service conduct a Kayaking event sponsored by “The North Face” store. We packed up Matsumoto San`s Prado with all the gear and Kayaks we`d need and set off on our road trip Friday afternoon.

IMG_1365.jpg IMG_1377.jpg

Joining us on our journey was Matsumoto San`s wife and 1 and a half year old daughter “Yu chan”, ちょ~かわいい!!

 photo3.jpg  photo4.jpg

After a few stops along the way we arrived at the shores of Japan`s biggest lake and quickly set up camp before heading off to sleep. The next day we woke to beautiful weather but strong winds and high waves which unfortunately made us cancel the first day of the event as everyone coming was new to Kayaking. So Saturday was completely free so we headed off to Tsuruta city in nearby Fukui Prefecture to scarf down some “Sauce Katsu” at a well known place. Yum Yum, it was gooooood!

IMG_1373.jpg photo1.jpg

That night there was a fireworks display and “Matsuri” in the village we were staying in so we had a great time, the fireworks were so close they were almost right over our heads! Ose san, thanks for the yummy yakisoba!

 IMG_1374.jpg  photo2.jpg

The next morning the waves were still high but today instead of cancelling the event we decided to hold a BBQ and if we saw an opening we could hop in the Kayaks and head out. In the early afternoon we saw our chance and headed out for a quick paddle, we couldn`t go as far as we wanted due to the wind but everyone had a fun experience and a delicious BBQ afterward.

IMG_1395_20100810080220.jpg IMG_1407.jpg
IMG_1413_20100810080255.jpg IMG_1414.jpg

After all the customers headed home we packed up our camp and set off for Kobe City to spend the night and the house of the manager of “The North Face” store in Kobe before heading off for the trip home the next day.

photo5.jpg IMG_1382.jpg

It was a great trip and I can`t wait to go again next year! Anyone want to come along? Our next day hike will be on the 21st of August. I`ll announce the destination in the next couple days but let me know if you want to join us as there are still a few spots open.

Happy Trails!!


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How wonderful[e:734]


I was a member of the customers of the work out in Biwako.Its my first experience of kayakin'. So nice. So comfortable trip. I'd just became to be like water bird.

I wanna do again,someday.

Thanks there!

Fire works great! Katsu-Don oishi-so!
I want to see Yu-chan and her parents. (why not u too!)


2010-08-12 木 13:11:29 | URL | Tazuko. #- [ 編集]


Hi Tazuko san、thanks for your comments!
It definately was a really fun time! 
Let‘s meet up again soon!v-218

2010-08-23 月 10:55:00 | URL | John #- [ 編集]



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