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Kuju Yamabiraki、Miyamakirishima Camp Tour


Hey everyone, we had an absolutely wonderful trip to the Kuju Highlands last week. The weather was so good that a few of us even got sunburnt, Ouch! We headed into Bogatsuru from our usual starting point the Yoshibe trail head and slowly meandered through the forest to reach our camping spot around noon.

IMG_0974.jpg IMG_1022.jpg

After setting up camp we scarfed down a few Tacos before heading up to Heiji Dake for a quick afternoon hike. More Miyamakirishima were in bloom than last week but still not quite to full bloom. I`d say that this coming weekend will be the peak.

IMG_0985.jpg IMG_1005.jpg
IMG_0983.jpg IMG_0980.jpg
IMG_0993.jpg IMG_1004.jpg

After returning to camp everyone headed off to the onsen while I started to get dinner ready. As the temperature would drop after the sun went down I decided to make Kimuchi Nabe for dinner to warm up our bellies before hitting the sleeping bags. After the sun went down the stars came out and before heading off to sleep we sat up for a while to do some stargazing and we even saw a few shooting stars and satellites.

IMG_1017.jpg IMG_1018.jpg
IMG_1023.jpg IMG_1027.jpg
IMG_1026.jpg IMG_1031.jpg

The next morning we woke up at 5:30 to get an early start and after heating up with some morning “Zosui” we hit the trail. Again under a beautiful clear sky today`s target summit was Mt. Taisen, at 1786m, the third tallest summit in the Kuju Highlands. Today was also the Kuju Highlands “Yama Biraki” or the festival for the opening of the 2010 hiking summer hiking season.

IMG_1052.jpg IMG_1079.jpg

As you can see in the pictures, the summit was packed! The ceremony started at 10am and everyone slowly made their way down after the final “Banzai”. Several news agencies were there and an NHK helicopter flew overhead.

Summit panorama

After arriving back at the camp we ate a quick lunch and broke camp and headed out for the final leg of our adventure. We took a short coffee break at my usual recharging station, the Kurazome waterfall before continuing down to the parking lot and then to the awaiting onsen.

IMG_1054.jpg IMG_1082.jpg
IMG_1089.jpg IMG_1093.jpg

A great trip with great weather, we might head back up there again this weekend if the weather holds so we can see the Miyamakirishima at their best. Let me know if you`d like to join us!

Until next time, Happy pink trails!


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