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A Quick Trip to Osaka


Just got back from a really fast but productive trip to Osaka. The first reason for the trip was to attend the annual Mont-Bell Outside Sports Tradeshow and it is with great pleasure that I can announce that Amarok Outdoor Adventures is now a authorized Dealer for Mont-bell and its associated companies.

Montbell 2

One of those companies is RUFFWEAR a company that specializes in really quality outdoor gear for dogs. See the picture for a list of all the other companies. If there is anything you need or have a question about any of the gear please feel free to send me an email or a phone call anytime.

Japan Rescue Japan Rescue 1

The next cool thing we got to do during this trip is go to Japan Rescue, and SAR Dog Association in Hyogo that we’ve been friends with for a long time. On this trip I finally got to see their training ground and facility, AWESOME!

Japan Rescue 3 Task force 2

By chance we also got to meet with the members of Task Force Japan, a group of Firefighters and Nurses working together to improve the level of Disaster response in Japan. A great group of people who I look forward to training more with in the near future.

Task Force

We got to finish off the trip scarfing down some delicious Osaka Gyoza!
I felt sorry for the other people on the bus ride home!
Can you say GARLIC!!

Happy Trails!


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Nansho ga Taki, Mt. Homan Tour


Yesterday we had another great hike to the frozen waterfall Nansho ga Taki. This time instead of going to Mt. Sangun after the waterfall we headed off to the right to climb Mt. Homan.

1_20120116140516.jpg 2_20120116140522.jpg

The recent weather has been a bit warmer than before so the snow that was covering the ground a few weeks ago had melted except for some for some of the higher areas.

3_20120116140625.jpg 4_20120116140631.jpg
5_20120116140705.jpg 6_20120116140712.jpg

We stopped by the hut just below the summit for our hot and spicy Kimuchi Nabe lunch before heading to the top for coffee and sweets surrounded by wonderful scenery.

7_20120116140755.jpg 8_20120116140802.jpg
9_20120116140812.jpg 10_20120116140818.jpg

We took the “Usagi Michi” or Rabbit trail back to for a nice looping course to complete our journey.

11_20120116140859.jpg 12_20120116140906.jpg
13_20120116140913.jpg 14_20120116140919.jpg

A really nice day of local hiking with some really great people!!
Happy Trails!

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3 Day Winter Camp in Kuju


Last weekend we held our first camping event of the year and did we ever have a great trip. The hike started late Saturday afternoon when by the time we got hiking we only had about an hour of daylight left but last weekend was the full moon so we travelled the rest of the way to the campsite guided by the moonlight and what a great hike. We all had headlamps but travelling with the moon reflecting off the snow made for an extraordinary experience!


After reaching camp we setup or tents and got dinner on the go. This time I also brought my B6 kun, my new toy, a titanium folding wood stove and set that up too to give us a nice little campfire to warm ourselves with before heading off to our tents with -10 degree weather.


The next morning we woke up to a clear but chilly sky and after a few cups of coffee and a warm breakfast we headed out for a nice long day hike. We headed up behind Hokein Onsen up to the sand flats behind Mt. Iou and up to Kuju Wakare where we headed up to the frozen lake before making the summit at Mt. Naka, the highest peak on Kyushu. After a quick lunch we then hiked up Mt. Inahoshi and Mt. Shiraguchi making for a 3 peak day, before heading back to our camp and the awaiting onsen at Bogatsuru.


The dinner tonight was unexpectedly provided by a really nice bunch of hikers from the Saga Mt. club, a group of about 20 people who made a huge pot of Butajiru and invited us to join them, a few of them spoke pretty good English too!


In the morning we packed up our campsite before slowly heading back to the trail head and the delicious Dangojiru and the trailhead restaurant. It was a really great way to have our first camping trip of the year! Here’s a few comments about the trip from its members;

Hitomichan said,





Miechan said,


See winter camping is a lot of fun! Please feel free to join us on our next camping tour, this time we will be heading by kayak to a deserted island in the 99 islands of Sasebo, Nagasaki for a relaxing night by the campfire on the beach.


Happy trails!

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The First Tour of 2012


Hey everyone, once again Happy New Year!! Sorry for the late posting of this tour which happened last Wednesday but the day after the tour we got called out on a search to Karakunidake in Miyazaki and then after that it was off to Bogatsuru in Kuju for 3 days of winter camping. I`ll fill you in on that tour in the next blog, but first.. Hatsu Nobori!!

1_20120110001214.jpg 2_20120110001223.jpg
3_20120110001254.jpg 4_20120110001305.jpg

Our first trip of the year was to one of the most popular areas in Fukuoka during the winter, Nansho ga taki, during the summer it’s a tiny dripping waterfall but in winter that tiny drip produces one of the most beautiful winter scenes in all of Fukuoka.

5_20120110001337.jpg 6_20120110001344.jpg

After getting ready and stretching out we headed up the trail and it wasn`t long before we hit our first breathtaking spot. Before the main waterfall there is a sizable rock face with some of the most beautiful icicles, we stopped for a short photo session before heading up to Nansho.

7_20120110001431.jpg 8_20120110001442.jpg
9_20120110001509.jpg 10_20120110001516.jpg

Luckily Nansho was fairly frozen, it`s always a hit or miss kinda thing depending on how cold it stays. After our next photo op. we continued up to the main trail running along the ridge and followed it to the top of Mt. Sangun to get our first summit of the new year before having lunch and heading back down.

11_20120110001525.jpg 12_20120110001531.jpg
13_20120110001639.jpg 14_20120110001647.jpg

It was a great way to start off the New Year and we`ll be heading back there on the 15th of January. If you want to go and see this beautiful spectacle before it disappears for another year send me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com .

15_20120110001723.jpg 16_20120110001729.jpg

Also look back at the blog in another couple days to see my post about our latest winter camping trip in Kuju!!

Happy Trails!!

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Happy New Year!!

2012 Hagaki

Welcome to 2012 everyone! As last year came to a close and a new one has begun I hope you are all having a great time with your friends, families, and loved ones. If you got the chance to go with us on a tour, or just stopped by the shop for a visit in 2011 I want to thank you all for your support!


We`re planning to have an even better 2012! Let`s put our heads together to see what fun we can have this year too! All the best to everyone in the Amarok family in 2012!!


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