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平日坊ヶつるツアー と HPlus福岡 黒岳ツアー

Getting out to enjoy the last glimpses of Autumn


It's been a busy week here at Amarok with a couple of great tours into the Kuju mountains.


1_20111129172432.jpg 2_20111129172442.jpg

The first tour was last Wednesday the 23rd when we went to Bogatsuru from the Yoshibu trailhead. Once again instead of going up the forest road we trailblazed through the beautiful forest as far as we could go, passing by moss covered rocks and low lying bamboo fields making for a great approach to Bogatsuru.

最初のツアーは23日水曜日にくじゅうの吉部登山口から防がツルに行きました。林道にとるルートじゃなくて キレイなコケだらけのMY ルートで登った!

3_20111129172600.jpg 4_20111129172606.jpg

The weather started off with heavy rain on the highway and light rain by the time we started the hike and by the time we reached our lunch spot the clouds opened up revealing a nice blue sky.


DSCN3406.jpg DSCN3388.jpg

Of course coffee time at the Kurazome waterfall made for a great finish before heading to the onsen!


5_20111129173116.jpg 6_20111129173132.jpg

Our next adventure was on Saturday the 26th, again with a great group of people from the H Plus store Fukuoka. This time our destination was to Kurodake in Kuju.

次のアドベンチャーは26日土曜日に H Plus ストア福岡のみなさんと一緒にくじゅうの黒岳に登りました!

2011-11-26 2011-11-26 001 001 1_20111129173353.jpg

The weather forecast was for blue skies and that is exactly what we got with not even a cloud in the sky and only a light breeze at the top.


2_20111129173407.jpg 3_20111129173611.jpg

The hike leading up to the final climb is a little longer then most approaches but the walk through the forest is fantastic! We even caught a glimpse of the rare Kuju mountain gorilla! A big silverback!


2011-11-26 2011-11-26 001 016 4_20111129173821.jpg

Before you dig deep for the final climb to the top we took a break at "Fuketsu" a really cool boulder field with a hole in the ground which looks like the entrance to Alice's Wonderland leading into a fairly large cave which was really cool!


5_20111129174404.jpg 6_20111129174412.jpg

After the break it was up...and up...a~nd up! and just when you thought you were almost at the top, it was up again! But it was well worth the effort as we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, even Yufudake!


7_20111129174057.jpg 8_20111129174113.jpg
9_20111129174200.jpg 10_20111129174210.jpg

By the time we all made it back to the truck we were all pretty tired but really happy with the adventure we had! It`s been a busy but a really fun week!


Happy Trails,


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A great weekend in the mountains


We had a great couple of hikes on the weekend. Saturday was spend on Mt. Ihara doing a beginners course for FEN with members from Total Workout, a gym located in Nakasu. Sunday hike was a little further out of town where we went into the Kuju Highlands on our latest H Plus Fukuoka event.

1_20111115102153.jpg 2_20111115102200.jpg

The weather on Saturday was nice with finally no rain in the forecast!! We hiked up for the Saga trailhead just on the other side of Mitsuse. After reaching the top we took a quick jaunt down the Fukuoka side of the mountain to see the huge Quartz field before settling down on the summit for lunch.

3_20111115102206.jpg 4_20111115102211.jpg

Sunday, after getting everyone assembled we headed out for the Yoshibu Trail head up to Bogatsuru. The only thing that I’ve never really liked about this course is that the last half of the climb up to Bogatsuru is that its spent walking up a forest road. We decided to fix that!! Just before the trail heads out to hit the road we found our own trail and it was a ton of fun!!

7_20111115102620.jpg 8_20111115102626.jpg

5_20111115102314.jpg 6_20111115102321.jpg

We found a new trail that lead us up to a nice little waterfall and a rock fall covered in beautiful moss before heading out to hit a beautiful riverbank. By taking this awesome detour we only walked along the forest road for the last 5 minutes making for a great approach! When we got to Bogatsuru we couldn’t believe it but there were actually some Miyamakirishima in BLOOM!


After lunch and a bit of relax time we headed down the other side of the valley stopping by Kurazome No Taki for a coffee break before making our way back to the car.

9_20111115102328.jpg 10_20111115102334.jpg

A great couple of days and I can’t wait to go out again.
Our next trip will be to a local mountain this coming Saturday the 19th,there are still spots available so if you want to catch the last glimpses of autumn drop me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com to join us!


Happy Trails!

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Rainy day climbing

A day spent hanging around!


With the forecast once again calling for a rainy Sunday we decided to change things up a bit by spending the day doing some indoor climbing. Edamura San, a buddy of mine and the owner of “Light Footwork” climbing company, converted a whole room in his house into a climbing gym.

1_20111108015310.jpg 2_20111108015317.jpg

We spent the first hour or so roped up on the vertical wall but quickly moved onto the bouldering wall scrambling through the myriad of routes that keep getting more and more difficult as you progress.

3_20111108015439.jpg 4_20111108015447.jpg

Part way through we were joined by 3 local elementary school girls who were shouting “ We want to climb too!” and I was amazed at how good they were, the youngest being 5 years old and fearless!.

IMG_0026.jpg IMG_0027_20111108015959.jpg

I haven’t been climbing for a while and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Mie chan had a great time too and we can’t wait to go again!

It was an absolutely great way to spend a rainy day and if you have a interest in climbing why not check out the Light Footwork Homepage for more information or if you want the info in English you can contact me at Amarok for more details.

Thank you Edamura San and Family for such a fun day!

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Another great day in the rain!


You’d think I’d be complaining about all the rain we’ve been having on the weekends, and you’re right normally I would but the last few trips in the rain have been a total blast!

1_20111104021131.jpg 2_20111104021202.jpg

The trip last weekend was no exception! The skies were grey and once again the rain, slated to start at noon, was falling before 10! But even the rainy weather proved to be no match for our group of hearty explorers. The tour this time was the latest trip put together with the help of the H Plus store in Fukuoka.

Our destination for this trip was the beautiful Yoshibu trail leading through a stunning autumn forest up to Bogatsuru, the popular camping area in the middle of the Kuju highlands.

3_20111104021255.jpg 4_20111104021316.jpg

This is a simple hike but one of my favorites as it takes you through an absolutely beautiful forest while you listen to the refreshing sound of water flowing down the stream alongside the trail. On the way back we took a new route that I ‘ve had my eye on for a while and was so happy with what we found.

5_20111104021427.jpg 6_20111104021446.jpg

The usual route back takes you back through the forest but not too close to the river but the way we came back this time took us along a part of the river I had never seen before and the only words I could find to describe it was “Yakushima like”, as the rocks and boulders lining the river bed and the surrounding areas were covered in beautiful moss.

It was such a great way to finish off an absolutely wonderful day! See, sometimes even as an adult playing in the rain can be a lot of fun!!

7_20111104021537.jpg 8_20111104021545.jpg

Our next trip with Hplus will be on November 13th when we tackle Kyushu’s highest point, Nakadake in the Kuju highlands. To sign up for this tour please contact the Hplus store.

Amaroks next tour will be this Sunday, Nov 6th. If you haven’t had the chance to see the autumn leaves yet, the season is quickly coming to a close so let’s go see them while we can and before we get our winter hiking stuff out!

Happy trails!

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