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H Plus Bogatsuru Tour


Well the colours of Autumn are almost gone and the cold beauty of winter is taking its place, and no place is more evident of this than in the mountains. Last Sunday we went back to the same area we were in only a couple weeks ago and the trails that were covered in shades of red and yellow had turned grey. The place was Bogatsuru from the Yoshibu Trail in the Kuju Highlands one of my most favorite Kuju trails.


2_20101130012849.jpg 3_20101130012857.jpg

Today was the second event with the H Plus Fukuoka Store. The day started off in front of the IMS building where I met our group of great people and after a quick stop at Starbucks we were off to Oita. The hike started at around 10 am with a easy stroll through the forest as we made our way to the Hokein Onsen nestled in the mountains surrounding the Bogatsuru camping area. After a quick lunch we made our way to my favorite Kurazome Waterfall for coffee and snacks. As proof of the coming winter the trail was time to time lined with ice jutting up from the ground as well as icicles forming beside the waterfall.

今回のツアーはH Plus 福岡の皆さんと一緒で山登りは10時ぐらいに初めた。景色を見ながらゆっくり坊ヶつるの法華院温泉に歩きました。昼を食べたあとに僕が大好きな暮雨ノ滝まで行って滝の前でコーヒーとおやつ。やぱりこれから冬ですね!滝のまわりにツララもありました!

4_20101130012930.jpg 5_20101130012939.jpg

Another great day in the mountains and I can’t wait for our next adventure with the H Plus store where I think we’ll be heading to Mt. Karakuni in Miyazaki sometime in January. Keep an eye on the schedule for more details.

また山の中でいい一日を過ごせました。次のH Plusイベントは来年の一月で、宮崎の韓国岳の方に行きます。

6_20101130013005.jpg 7_20101130013015.jpg

Until next time, Happy trails!


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Autumn stroll in Kuju


This is a beautiful time of year in Japan especially in the mountains of Kuju. The forests have given up their green luster and turned into beautiful shades of red and yellow. One of the best routes to see this is from the Yoshibu trailhead up to Bogatsuru camping area nestled in the middle of the Kuju highlands and this is where we went last Sunday. This was also the first trip with my new truck!

IMG_1012.jpg IMG_1067.jpg

The weather was perfect, a beautiful sunny sky with almost no wind. As we walked up the trail the fallen leaves crunched under our every footstep. One of the things I love about hiking from fall to spring is the fact that with no leaves on the trees you can see deeper into the surrounding forests and you can get a better feel of the terrain.

IMG_1005_20101120073002.jpg IMG_1055.jpg

The forest opened up as we reached Bogatsuru and revealed a huge landscape surrounded by mountains, this area is one of the largest marshlands in Japan and a popular camping area for Kyushu Hikers. After we arrived at the campsite we found our lunch spot and settled in. Today’s menu, Curry Udon! Yummy!

IMG_1018_20101120073107.jpg IMG_1021.jpg
IMG_1026_20101120073150.jpg IMG_1025.jpg

With full tummy’s we worked our way back in to the forest, this time on the opposite side of the valley for the hike down. About half an hour down the trail we came to my favorite break area, the Kurazome Waterfall, a beautiful place that most of you who follow my blog have seen before, but pictures don’t do it justice.

IMG_1028.jpg IMG_1040.jpg
IMG_1053.jpg IMG_1060.jpg

After our coffee break we worked our way back down through the autumn leaves and even heard deer in the distance, a great way to finish off a really fun day.


Until next time, happy trails!

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Sasebo Kayak Tour


How would you feel about spending a night on a deserted island with nothing except what you brought with you? Well that’s exactly what we did last weekend, we drove to Sasebo in Nagasaki and met up with Matsumoto San from Southern Works who was our guide for the tour.

2_20101113225107.jpg 35_20101113225231.jpg

Before loading our Kayaks up with the supplies we would need for the trip we scarfed down Sasebo burgers to give us the energy to paddle to our destination.

3_20101113225313.jpg 4_20101113225322.jpg

With our tummys full and a wonderful aftertaste in our mouths we packed up and then headed out on our adventure. The island is actually only about an hour and a half paddle so we reached the island fairly quickly.

5_20101113225355.jpg 65.jpg

After hauling our Kayaks up on the beach we set up our campsite and then collected firewood before starting dinner. On the menu tonight, curry and rice, great to warm up on! After dinner the bar opened and it was time to relax by the fire. Fuji San, a friend of Matsumoto San’s joined us on our trip and brought some squid for us to roast on the fire, it was delicious, thank you Fuji San!!

11_20101113225521.jpg 7_20101113225512.jpg
8_20101113225608.jpg 10_20101113225615.jpg

Around 10:30 we all headed for our tents for a good nights sleep, a little earlier than usual but we wanted to wake up to see the sunrise at around 7:00 which was spectacular, the pictures don’t do it justice!

12_20101113225733.jpg 14_20101113230132.jpg

Breakfast was pancakes, actually PANCAKE! Just 1, but it was HUGE! Matsumoto San showed us how to make a pancake using a Dutch Oven on the campfire, and it was awesome, look how thick it was! We also had eggs and sausages and of course coffee!!

15_20101113230205.jpg 16_20101113230223.jpg
17_20101113230231.jpg 18_20101113230238.jpg

After repacking everything we headed out on the return trip to Sasebo and the awaiting onsen. It was a really great tour which we hope to run again more in the future.

19_20101113230340.jpg 21_20101113230349.jpg

Until next time happy trails and happy paddles!!

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Rescue Training with Kumamoto Air Rescue


Just a quite note to fill you all in about a great training exercise we had on Sunday. We headed down to Kumamoto airport to do some training with the Kumamoto Air Rescue team and their “Hibari”, a REALLY COOL Eurocopter Dauphin (Dolphin) Helicopter.


IMG_0810.jpg IMG_0881_20101101223326.jpg

After a few brief instructions we all partnered up as the helicopter will only hold 2 dogs and 2 handlers at a time. The engines were then turned on to let the dogs get acclimated to the noise before we started loading the dogs. After loading we lifted off for a short flight.

簡単なせつめいが終わったあと犬がヘリの音に慣れるためにエンジンをかけた 。音に慣れたらヘリに乗りました。

IMG_0813.jpg IMG_0820.jpg

This was Mana’s 3rd time to get into a helicopter and our 2nd time for a flight. She handled it fine and didn’t make any fuss at all during the flight.


IMG_0839.jpg IMG_0821.jpg
IMG_0834.jpg IMG_0872.jpg

Over 20 dogs from KRDA took part in the exercise to make for a great day of training. Hopefully we can keep doing this type of training so we can better respond to actual incidents.

IMG_0825.jpg IMG_0830.jpg


Happy Trails..

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