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New Certified Rescue Dog in Fukuoka

Manachan lookout

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? Last weekend we went to the Kyushu Rescue Dog Association training area in Hitoyoshi so that Manachan could take her Rescue Dog Test.


1_20090331102654.jpg Mana face1 2_20090331102707.jpg

The test was broken into 3 parts; Obedience, Disaster search, and Woodland search with a letter ranking A,B,or C provided for each component with A being the highest level.


3_20090331102809.jpg 4_20090331102825.jpg 5_20090331102924.jpg

Manachan got an A in all three parts!!

For the disaster search Mana had to find 2 people buried under debris and in the woodland search Mana had to find 2 people who were hiding in a large woody area.

瓦礫捜索では二人が瓦礫の中に隠れていてマナちゃんはすぐみつけた!平地捜索も二人が隠れていて平地はけっこう広くてマナちゃんは10分いないで二人を見つけないといけない。マナちゃんは6分で見つけた。Gooooood Girl!! よし!、よし!

7_20090331103013.jpg IMG_4762.jpg 6_20090331103031.jpg

In the disaster test mana found both people very quickly and got full marks, in the wooded area, you have 10 minutes to find both people, Mana found them in 6.
Goooood Girl!!!


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Yakushima Tour


Last weekend we had a great tour to Yakushima. It was my 6th time to this world natural heritage site but it always still feels like my first! There is just so much to see!


Before we left I told everyone that they would see lots of deer and monkeys and they can definitely say that I didn`t lie! We reached the island at 12:30 aboard the ferry Yakushima 2, and headed straight to the Shiratani trailhead. Within the first 10 minutes of driving we saw our first of many, many deer. The drive up was beautiful with the new greens of spring mottled throughout the hillside, and the awesome view of the valley below.


2_20090327084300.jpg 3_20090327084309.jpg 4_20090327084318.jpg
8_20090327084555.jpg 9_20090327084607.jpg 10_20090327084620.jpg

Shiratani Unsuikyo is probably the most popular day hiking area on the island and home of the Mononoke Hime forest, or the model forest scene that was used by director Hiyao Miyazaki we he created the movie. It is a magical area with many huge cedar trees or Yakusugi and a forest floor covered in an astounding variety of mosses.


5_20090327084408.jpg 6_20090327084419.jpg 7_20090327084426.jpg
11_20090327084721.jpg 12_20090327084734.jpg 13_20090327084801.jpg

After you walk through the forest you reach the Tsuji pass where you can keep going until you reach the trail to Jomon sugi or you can go for a quick scramble up to Taiko Rock. As we were heading to Jomon the next day we headed up to Taiko Rock and one of my most favourite views. From Taiko rock you can see the entire valley below and out in the distance, Miyanoura dake, the tallest mountain in Kyushu, is in full view.


Taiko iwa View

14_20090327084847.jpg 15_20090327084901.jpg 16_20090327084914.jpg

After heading back down to the van we headed to our campground on the opposite side of the island at Kurio, where we had rented a cabin. After a delicious meal we headed off to bed early as the wake up call for the next days adventure was 4 am.

下ったら南屋久島の栗生(くりお) のキャンプ場に行きました。おいしい夜ご飯を食べたらすぐ寝袋に入りました、明日は4時スタートやけん!

As planned we woke up at 4 and by 430 we were on the road to the Arikawa trailhead and the beautiful trail to Jomon Sugi, perhaps the worlds oldest living tree. It was still dark when we hit the trail and the first 2 and a half hours were spent walking along the “Toroko Michi” or the trolley track.


17_20090327084957.jpg 18_20090327085122.jpg 19_20090327085132.jpg

After reaching the end of the track we started to head up the mountain trail and after about 25 minutes we reached Wilsons stump, a huge cedar stump that can fit about 20 people inside. It has rotted out from the center and if you look up at a certain angle from the inside it opening in the roof is in the shape of a heart.


20_20090327085230.jpg 21_20090327085254.jpg 22_20090327085305.jpg

After a short break at Wilsons stump we headed back out for Jomon Sugi, and the thing we had to tackle first was the sharp climb up the “staircase from hell”, a steep climb for about 10 minutes. After that the trail levelled out with gentle ups and downs as we continued toward our destination. We reached the monolithic Jomon at around 1130 and after short photo shoot we headed up a bit more to have lunch at the Takatsuka Hut.

ウィルソン株でちょっと休憩したあと縄文のほうにつずきました。まず地獄のカイダンを登りました。10分ぐらいのカイダンです、UGH!! そのあとはけっこ歩きやすくて11:30ぐらいに世界の一番古い木に着きました!ちょ~でかい!!写真とったあと高塚古屋で昼ごはんを食べました。

22a.jpg 22b.jpg 23.jpg
25_20090327085527.jpg 26_20090327085539.jpg 27_20090327085621.jpg

After lunch we started back down the trail and completed our amazing 22 km journey at around 530pm. We then headed back to camp to another delicious meal before heading off to bed. We slept well that night!!


28_20090327085721.jpg 30_20090327085732.jpg 31_20090327085741.jpg

The next morning we woke up with stiff legs and cloudy skies but luckly for us the plan for the day was a drive tour around Yakushima so there was not much walking involved.
Under rainy skies we set out on our tour with the first stop being “Ohkoh no Taki”, an 88 meter waterfall and one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan. We also stopped at Nakata Beach, the largest sea turtle nesting beach in Japan before ending up at an onsen before catching the ferry home.

朝起きたら足はけっこう硬かったけど今日のスケジュールは車の観光だからよかった! 最初の止まったところは88mの大川の滝でこの滝は日本名水百選の一つです。永田浜も行きました、永田浜は世界有数のアカウミガメの産卵地です。フェリーに乗る前に温泉も行きました。

It was a great trip that I strongly recommend to everyone! Until next time, happy trails!!

すごくいいツアーでした!皆さん、もし屋久島の大自然をまだ見てないならゼヒ行ってください! AMAROKに相談してね!

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Mimata Yama Tour, Our Last Taste of Winter


Hey everyone, how was your weekend? We had a wonderful trip to Mimata yama in the Kuju Highlands on Sunday. If you have ever been to Chojobaru, the mountain right in front of you with 3 peaks, that’s Mimata yama.

mimata panorama4

The weather was an awesome clear blue as we headed out on the looping course that took us to the Sugamori pass before climbing the right side of the mountain to the first of 3 summits. Mimata yama is a small inactive volcano with a small caldera in the middle and a series of peaks surrounding it.

2_20090317085134.jpg 3_20090317085143.jpg 4_20090317085152.jpg

With the cold spell that we had the previous few days we were also treated to a last taste of winter with “Muhyo” covering the shrubs, rocks, and even signs on the northern facing slopes hidden from the warmth of the sun.

5_20090317085249.jpg 6_20090317085258.jpg 7_20090317085305.jpg

9_20090317085759.jpg 10_20090317085725.jpg 11_20090317085736.jpg

12_20090317085843.jpg 13_20090317085851.jpg

After having a quick lunch at the main summit we headed off the climb the southern summit and a huge view of the southern half of the Kuju Highlands.

mimata panorama5

After soaking that up for a while we started to head down the northern side of Mimata yama which to our surprise was not covered in Muhyo but by about 10cm of actual snow!!

15_20090317090203.jpg 16_20090317090211.jpg 17_20090317090220.jpg

After reaching Ame Ga Ike we took a short coffee break looking down at Chojobaru and Waita San off in the distance before heading back down through the forest with the only audible sound being a woodpecker boring a hole in a distant tree.


Another great day! Recently every time we`ve gone out the weather has been great hopefully that luck will hold out as we travel to beautiful Yakushima this coming weekend. There is still 1 spot left so if you would like to visit this wonderful world natural heritage site drop me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com

Until next time….Happy Trails!

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Aso Takadake and Nakadake Tour


We`re back!!! Sorry for the long break between blog posts, my hard drive kicked it and I learned a valuable lesson, a little late but well learned……Backup your files NOW!!! My computer is only a year old so I thought I had more time to backup my files but you never know!


Well anyway we`re back and today I want to tell you about a great tour we had a week ago, we climbed up the “バカオネ” route to the top of Takadake and Nakadake of the Aso mountains.


2_20090312114410.jpg 3_20090312114422.jpg 4_20090312114432.jpg

The weather was great with clear blue skies, the temperature was still a little low with icicles still dangling from the rocks, but a great day!


5_20090312114552.jpg 6_20090312114604.jpg 7_20090312114614.jpg

Before we started there were a couple of looks of “We`re going to climb up that!” as the rock face shot up in front of us but as we got going it proved to be easier than it looked and we had a great view of the Aso Otohime area and even Kuju.


IMG_4673.jpg 8_20090312114721.jpg 9_20090312114732.jpg

After reaching the top of Takadake we stopped for lunch at the mountain hut before heading to Nakadake and the spectacular view of the Aso volcanos on the route down.


10_20090312114811.jpg 11_20090312114824.jpg 12_20090312114836.jpg

Another great day in Kyushu, or next trip will be this Sunday, March 15th were we will be heading this time to the Kuju Highlands, so far the weather looks great and it should be a great day. If you would like to join us please send me an email and let`s go play outside!!



Until Next time…..Happy Trails!

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