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Computer Trouble!!

Hey everyone, over the past couple of days my hard drive crashed so I lost a bunch of data so if you sent an email in the last few days could you please resend it as it was lost. Thanks and sorry for the inconveince!




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Weekend on the slopes

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? We had a great 2 day trip to the Mizuho Ski resort just north of Hiroshima. We arrived just before noon on Saturday under beautiful clear blue skies and still enough snow to have a great day of skiing and snowboarding.


Yesterday we woke up to clouds and the threat of rain but all that was forgotten when we reached the ski hill and another great day of winter fun. Kimuchi and Nakacho had their second day of snowboarding and improved quite a bit with the help of Nakashima fufu and Maru San providing instruction. I again tried Telemark or open heel skiing again and I think I improved a bit too. After having lunch in a snowbank just off the ski run we headed back down to an awaiting onsen before heading home.

IMG_4645.jpg IMG_4649.jpg IMG_4646.jpg


IMG_4638.jpg IMG_4642.jpg IMG_4650.jpg

Amaroks next tour will be this Sunday April 1st where we will be going to Mt Kurogami in Saga prefecture if you would like to join us please drop me and email at

アマロックの次のツアーは今週の日曜日3月1日。佐賀県の黒髪山に行きます、参加した方はメールでお願いします john@amarok-outdoors.com

Happy trails!

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Yakushima Tour March 20th-22nd

Princess Mononoke Forest もののけ姫の森

Hey everyone, just wanted to announce a Yakushima tour that`s taking place during the March long weekend. This time we`re teaming up with Diving Club SUNS, to go to this World Natural Heritage site by both sea and land. During this tour we will be staying at the Kurio Campground where we will be sleeping in log cabins next to the ocean.

皆さんこんにちは、今年も屋久島に行きますよ!2009年の初ツアーは3月20-22日のロングウェイケンドです。 今回ダイビングクラブSUNSと一緒行きます。 泊ところは屋久島の南のほにあるクリオキャンプ場のログハウスです。
IMG_1289.jpg Yaku10.jpg
       Kurio Underwater          Wilsons Stump ウィルソン株

We will head down to Kagoshima on the night of the 19th and sleep in a local hotel before catching the 8:30 ferry to Yakushima. After reaching Yakushima we will head up to Shiratani Unsuikyo, home of the Princess Mononoke Forest, for a short hike before heading south to the campground. The next day while the divers of the group will stay sleeping, the hikers will wake up early for the chance to see the oldest tree in the world Jomon Sugi (approx. 7000years) on one of the best day hikes in Japan. On the way up we will also go past the Huge Wilson Stump, which is a huge Cedar stump with a hole in the top and enough room inside for about 20 people.


Yaku5.jpg Yaku4.jpg Yaku6.jpg
Yakushima Deer 屋久シカ    Jomon Sugi 縄文杉   Yakushima Macaque 屋久ザル

On the 22nd we`ll explore more of the Kurio area and maybe go for some early morning snorkelling before jumping in the vehicles and going for a sightseeing trip around the rest of Yakushima.

22日はフェリーをのる前にクリオの海に遊んでとSightseeing ツアーに行きます。

The cost of the trip is ¥69000 which includes transportation from Fukuoka, 2 nights in the log cabins 5 meals, and the trekking fee.

料金は¥69000で 交通費、ログハウス2泊、5回ごはん、トレッキング、ダイビングは込です。

If you don`t yet have any plans why don`t you join us? This trip is magical and one of my favourite places in Japan. If want to explore one of the worlds` greatest natural places please don`t hesitate to call or to send me an email to get more details at john@amarok-outdoors.com

参加したい方はjohn@amarok-outdoors.com にメールでお願いします。

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Sefuri – Hamaguri Dake Tour

Hamaguri View

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? We had a great trip to a local mountain yesterday. We started from the top of Sefuri and took a great walk along the Kyushu Nature trail to the top of Hamaguri Dake.


1_20090216103850.jpg 2_20090216103903.jpg 3_20090216103914.jpg

4_20090216104046.jpg 5_20090216104054.jpg 6_20090216104105.jpg

On the top of Hamaguri dake there is a huge rock that is split in half, we sat and had lunch on top of the rock where we could look out across southern Fukuoka Prefecture and the Ariake Sea, as you can see in the top photo the view was a bit obscured from all the cedar pollen and the kosa sand in the air but still it was a awesome view. The trail was not that long so we could take our time at the top where we met some friends and some of us even had a nap ( Mr. Rice had a late night the night before! )

7_20090216104155.jpg 8_20090216104212.jpg 9_20090216104221.jpg


10_20090216104313.jpg 11_20090216104323.jpg

One of the people we met was an older man who has been hiking in this area for over 20 years and has a encyclopaedic knowledge of the area. He showed us another way back down through a beautiful forest which will be covered with flowers in a couple of months and a stand of huge mountain cherry trees that will bloom in May. Let`s do Hanami twice this year!!


12_20090216104417.jpg 13_20090216104425.jpg 14_20090216104437.jpg

We had a really great day and again I can`t wait to get out and go for another hike!
Amaroks next tour will be a 2 day ski trip to Mizuho, this weekend the 21st-22nd. Our next hiking trip will be to Mt. Kurogami in Saga on the 1st of March. There are still some spots available on both trips so drop me an email if you want to join us for some outdoor fun!


Until next time, happy trails!

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To The Top of Kyushu


Hi there, is everyone having a great weekend? We had a great day yesterday as we hiked up Naka Dake, the tallest mountain on Kyushu. Naka dake is in the middle of the Kuju Mountains ( Probably why it`s called “Naka” dake)


12_20090210003842.jpg 13_20090210003853.jpg
Morning frost has melted in the shape of the car!

We were hoping to catch one last glimpse of “Muhyo” before the start of spring but that was not to be as there was no snow and the weather was sunny and warm. This year is quite mild, to give you an idea take a look at this picture I took of the same route in the middle of March last year, completely different eh!


IMG_2907.jpg 2
March of last year, 去年の三月

15_20090210004046.jpg 16_20090210004059.jpg
This Year, 今年

But even without the snow and ice this is still a great hike, with the warmer temperatures some parts of the trail were transformed from cold hard packed ground into a juicy muck which made walking quite an exercise in balance at times. 


17_20090210005003.jpg 18_20090210005013.jpg

We made it to the hut at the base of Kuju mountain and stopped for a yummy lunch of Seafood chowder. With our bellies full we continued up were we came to a small mountain lake that had frozen over bringing back fun memories of my childhood in Canada.


19_20090210005102.jpg 20_20090210005113.jpg

31.jpg 32.jpg

After boot skating around the edges of the lake we completed our final assault to the summit and gorgeous view that makes it all worthwhile.



After soaking up the awe of surrounding landscape we worked our way back down to the onsen in Chojobaru.


26.jpg 28.jpg

Another great day with great weather, our next trip will be on Sunday February 15th to Mt. Seifuri here in Fukuoka. If you want to join us please drop me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com



Until next time.

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The seasons change fast in Fukuoka


Are you all enjoying the warm weather? I am and I`m not, warm weather is definitely welcome but when you`re a winter hiking fan like I am it`s also a bit of a disappointment. Do you all remember the great winter hiking trip we had to Nansho waterfall just a couple of weeks ago? Well, I had planned another trip there this Saturday but with all this warm weather I had a hunch, and went for a look yesterday and as I thought the frozen Nansho waterfall is gone for another year.That was a bit of a disappointment but I still had a great hike to the top of Mt. Sangun.

IMG_3727.jpg IMG_4301.jpg
1 month ago, 一か月前          Yesterday、 昨日

IMG_4302.jpg IMG_4303.jpg

皆さんこんにちは、昨日三郡山に登りました、でやっぱり今年の氷てる難所ヶ滝が終わりました。そしたら今週の土曜日のツアーは場所はんこになりました。また冬の楽しさにうけたいからもっと高いところに行きます。土曜日のツアーは大分の中岳に行きます。中岳は九州の一番高い山 (1791m)だけどう登りやすい。

So with the waterfall gone I`ve had to rethink the plan for this weekend and as I still want to get in some winter hiking so the only thing to do is to go higher. So on Saturday we`re going to the highest place around Naka Dake, the highest peak on Kyuhsu at 1791m. Heading up from Makinoto Pass we`ll be walking through the “muhyou” covered trees as we head to the top of Kyushu.

IMG_2956.jpg IMG_2963.jpg

If you want to come with us please send me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com
もし一緒行きたい john@amarok-outdoors.com に連絡下さい。

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A Beautiful Day In Miyazaki


Hey everyone, this is one of my most favourite scenes of Kyushu, This shot is of Mt. Takachiho and was taken from atop Mt. Karakuni in the Kirishima mountains. I have been here a number of times but this time was the best so far as the weather was absolutely perfect.

IMG_4178.jpg IMG_4180.jpg

The weather was so good that looking past the crater locked Onami lake we could very clearly see Kagoshimas Sakurajima ( which actually blew quite a bit of smoke while we were having lunch.).

IMG_4108.jpg IMG_4119.jpg

This area also has an abundance of wild life as well with tons of deer lounging all over the place and from the top we also saw a Eurasian Kestrel or “Chogen bo” performing its tell tale hovering while searching for prey.
IMG_4102.jpg IMG_4206.jpg IMG_4197.jpg

It was an absolutely great day and I can`t wait to go back.

IMG_4112.jpg IMG_4110.jpg IMG_4163.jpg

I put up the schedule for the next few months so take a peek and drop me an email if there is a tour you are interested in. Our next trip scheduled trip to Mt. Karakuni will be on March 28th.


Happy trails!!

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