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沢登 (Shower Climbing)


Hey everyone how was your wet weekend? Mine was probably wetter than yours I think. Last Saturday and Sunday I was in Nobeoka, Miyazaki on a diving tour but before I left for that I went Shower Climbing on Friday and that’s what I want to write about today.


    sawanobori.jpg          Moto San 3

Most people probably have no idea what Shower climbing is but it`s hiking up the middle of a stream and it was a blast!! This time we went to Kane Mountain near the Mitsuse tunnel, the weather was rainy but I`m defiantly going again when it gets hot because it’s a awesome way to escape the summer heat.


    Moto San 1          waterfall 2

Amaroks next tour will be a day hike this Saturday, June 28th. The destination will be weather permitting and I`ll update you all as soon as possible. If you`re interested in joining us please send me an email.
Hope to see you there!


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Fukuoka City Joho Magazine


    Fukuoka city joho top page         Fukuoka city joho page83

Hi everyone,
Just a quick update on some news. If you look inside the summer issue of the Fukuoka City Joho magazine on pages 80~83 you will see some familiar faces. Matsumoto san from Southern Works, and Edamura san from Light foot work, and I are inside describing how to have fun in the summer.
Write a comment to let me know what you think!
Until next time,


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Manachans Rescue Dog Training

Mana with pack
Hey everyone how was your weekend? Due to the rain Saturday and Sunday`s tours were postponed so on Saturday Manachan and I went to Hitoyoshi for her rescue dog training.
Even thought it was cloudy the training ground was quite hot and humid so we went into the local mountains in an area next to a river so it was nice and cool.

The instructor who we were working with was Kaida Sensei who is a Rescue and police dog handler in Kumamoto prefecture and the main trainer with the Kyushu Rescue Dog Association.

   kaida sensei       mana head tilt

Our objective is to get her so hooked on balls so that she almost goes crazy when she sees them. After getting her hyped up on her ball we then use the ball as her reward for finding someone hiding in the bush. She learns that finding people means getting a ball and getting a ball means fun.
She still needs lots more training but she is progressing along quite well.
Manachan がんばってね!!

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June 6~8 ツアーレポート

Weekend in the mountains

river with flowers

lets go to karakuniHi everyone, did you all have a great weekend?
Last weekend was a busy one with 3 hikes in 3 days. Friday was spent hiking up Mt. Karakuni in the Kirishima mountain area of Miyazaki. It was a little cloudy when we reached the top but the view was spectacular. If the weather holds out we`ll be heading back there next Sunday.


Saturday and Sunday were spent once again viewing Miyamakirishima Azaleas in the Kuju mountain range. It`s almost the end of the season to see them so we went for one last look and were glad we did!!

view from heiji
We hiked to the top of Mt. Heiji and the view was spectacular, although a little cloudy, the mountain was soooo pink!!. We worked our way up the mountain via the Yoshibe trail which gently lead us up to the Bogatsuru camping area and after a quick lunch we climbed up Mt. Heiji.

pink pink pink from the top of heiji waterfall.jpg

Once again a great day in the mountains. Our next adventures will take place this weekend with a Fukuoka day Hike on Saturday and once again to Mt. Karakuni in Miyazaki on Sunday. There is still room on both trips so if you want to come with us let me know by either email or phone.
Until next time,

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miyamakirishima viewHey everyone, how was your weekend. ? This weekend`s adventure took us camping to the bogatsuru campground in the middle of the Kuju highlands to see the beautiful Miyamakirishima Azaleas. It is at this time of year that the mountains turn pink with flowers. We left Chojabaru parking area Saturday morning under sunny skies and the sound of little cuckoos (hototogisu) singing in the trees above.


We took the “Ame Ga Ike” route to bogatsuru and we reached the camping area around 1:30 and after setting up camp and a quick lunch we headed off to climb Heiji Dake.


reflecting pool Heiji trail sign Heiji miyamakirishima

The climb up the mountain was quite quick and we were presented with a beautiful sight as the side of the mountain was adorned with pink as the Miyamakirishima were almost in full bloom.
Upon returning to camp and having dinner we headed off for a bath at the Hokain onsen and following that we sat for a while under the stars and actually spotted a meteor and 2 satellites streaking across the sky before heading off to sleep.


bogatsuru sunrise campsite.jpg

After a warm nights` sleep we were greeted by a glorious sunrise and a bright blue sky. After breakfast we headed off to climb Mt. Taisen. It took about 2 hours to reach the top of the mountain and there was a TON of people, every year on the first Sunday in June there is the “Yama Biraki”event in the Kuju highlands. This years` peak was Mt. Taisen and with it a few hundred people.


taisensan summit

yama biraki miyamakirishima close up Taisensan and miyamakirishima

After a short break at the top we headed down and crossed the ridge and descended down through fields of Miyamakirishima to the pass at the foot of Heiji dake and back to camp.
We broke camp and headed back down the “ Ame Ga Ike” route to Chojabaru and a nice warm onsen.


What a great weekend, the weather was great, the company was great, and most of all the mountains and flowers were great! Seriously if you can go and see these beautiful flowers!!
For us, as time the blooming time is limited we`re going again this weekend, if you want to join us drop me a line or an email, but reserve your spot soon as space is limited.
Until next time, go play outside!!


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