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What is your favourite time of year? I`m asking because we are now entering into one of my favourite times of year. Every year at this time Miyamakirishima azaleas bloom and cover the mountainside with beautiful pink flowers. One of the best places to see miyamakirishima is in the Kuju Highlands and also in the mountains of Ebino kogen in Miyazaki.


There are 2 events to go and see these beautiful flowers.

Camp tour
May 31st ~June 1st
¥15000 + Transportation

Day trip  日帰りツアー
Sunday, June 8th
¥6000 + Transportation

There is still space available so if you want to come with us to see this beautiful once a year scenery please give us a call or send us an email.


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九十九島Kayak Tour

sunday break time

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? The weather was fabulous, wasn`t it!!
We spent the weekend kayaking in the 99 islands in the Sasebo area of Nagasaki.
For the beginning part of our trip we were joined by Iwao Fujii who is Director of Real New Zealand, an outdoor adventure company based in New Zealand. He is on a month long solo kayaking trip around Kyushu to raise money for charity. After we reached our campsite on an uninhabited island, he stayed for a short break but then he was off again, がんばって!

僕たちは週末、長崎の佐世保の九十九島でカヤックをしてたよ。初めの方は、ニュージーランドにあるアウトドア・アドベンチャー会社、リアルニュージーランドのディレクターの藤井 巌(ふじい いわお)さんと一緒になりました。彼はチャリティーのために1ヶ月間で九州1週するという、ソロカヤックの旅の途中でした。ちょっとだけ無人島で一緒に休憩をしたあと、彼はまた旅に戻っていきました。がんばって!!

matsumoto and fujiifujii san itarashai

After we setup camp we started making dinner of pilaf and potoff and with a full tummy we set in to enjoy a relaxing campfire late into the night.


my nimbuscampfire.jpgover the bow
After a restful sleep we woke to a beautiful day, the sea was calm and the sun was shining. サイコ!!
We scarfed down breakfast broke camp and headed back out for another great day on the water.
What a great weekend!!


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The North Face Store Trekking event

The North Face Store Trekking Event

Top photo

Hey everyone how are you all doing? How was your weekend?
Last weekend I helped guide The North Face store sponsored trekking event in the mountains of Kuju in Oita.

僕はNORTH FACEのトレッキングイベントのスタッフとして、大分のくじゅうにいってきました。

On Saturday morning we hiked in to Bogatsuru camp area taking the “Ame ga Ike” route from the Chojabaru parking area. Even though it was raining quite hard the walk through the misty forest was really peaceful and reminded me a lot of the coast mountain hikes I used to do in Vancouver. Everyone had proper boots and rainwear so after a couple of hours we reached Bogatsuru Camp Area in great spirits and still relatively dry.


We stayed the bungalows located Hokain onsen to get a break from the rain.
Once inside and dried off we made a stomach warming dinner of Kimuchi Nabe, Saba omlette, and fried salted pork. De~lish!!


dinner.jpg kimuchi nabe

The next morning the rain had stopped and the weather had cleared up a bit as we headed up to the Sugamori Hut. After a short break at the hut we did a quick piston hike up to the top of the west pass of Mt. Mimata. Where Manachan wanted to play with The North Face banner.

マナちゃんはNORTH FACEの旗と遊びたくて、ハイジャンプしてました!!

mana jump nisebi.jpg

As we started down the mountain we spotted some Miyamakirishima azaleas coming in to bloom at the lower elevations which means that we only have to wait a little longer until the mountains are covered completely in pink


dave.jpg miyamakirishima.jpg

Even thought the weather wasn`t great we all had a great time and we topped it off by scarfing down “ Dango Jiru” and “Toriten”.


I want to thank The North Face for asking me to take part in this event and I look forward to working closely with you again in the future.

NORTH FACEの皆さん、今回もありがとうございました!これからもヨロシクおねがいします!!

North Face route the guys

My next trip to the area will be and the end of the month when the mountains will be pink with Miyamakirishima. The Camp tour will take place from May 31st to June 1st.
There are still some spots open so if you`re interested please send an email or give me a call.


miyamakirishima_20080512210109.jpg miyamakirishima 2

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How's your Golden Week?

How's your Golden Week?

waita sunset

Hey everyone, I know that we're still in the middle of the holiday but from tomorrow I'll be diving in Kagoshima for 3 days so before I go I wanted to ask you all about how your holidays are going and to give you all an update on what we've been up to.

On Wednesday morning Mana and I had Helicpoter training at Kumamoto airport with Kumamoto air rescue. It was the first time to take Mana and she did great!! She was a little nervous at the sound of the rotors that first time we went in but by the second time she was fine!

heli exit in heli

After that we headed off to Kuju for 3 days of camping in the Bogatsuru camping area on the first and last day the weather was perfect with warm sunny skies and beautiful mountain scenery all around us, but the middle day was WET so we stayed close to camp and took it easy.
In a couple of weeks the Miyamakirishima azaleas will be in bloom so we're going to definately coming back.

dave and mana from heiji

From tomorrow I'm heading south to go diving at Iojima. When I get back I'll give you all a report.
Until the...Go play outside!!!

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