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Happy New Year!!

2012 Hagaki

Welcome to 2012 everyone! As last year came to a close and a new one has begun I hope you are all having a great time with your friends, families, and loved ones. If you got the chance to go with us on a tour, or just stopped by the shop for a visit in 2011 I want to thank you all for your support!


We`re planning to have an even better 2012! Let`s put our heads together to see what fun we can have this year too! All the best to everyone in the Amarok family in 2012!!



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Almost gone for another year


Well the clouds finally lifted and the rain held back long enough for us to get one last look at the Miyamakirishima Azaleas before they disappear for another year. It was the first event of the year with the H Plus store Fukuoka and it was great to get together with them again for another fun day.

1_20110628011235.jpg 2_20110628011240.jpg

We started off under sunny skies and worked our way up through the forest and actually stopped for lunch at a really peaceful spot along the trail before heading to the top of Mt. Heiji. By the time we hit the summit the clouds had started to come in but stayed high enough for us to have a great view with some late blooming Miyamakirishima adding beautiful colour to the foreground.

3_20110628011337.jpg 4_20110628011343.jpg
5_20110628011429.jpg 6_20110628011451.jpg

We started to feel some rain as we headed down but it only started to really rain during the last 30 minutes of the hike. The good thing about hiking in the rain in Kyushu, one word, ONSEN! It cures everything! And that’s where we headed after we reached the car to put a nice cap on the end of a great day!

7_20110628011553.jpg 8_20110628011602.jpg

Looking forward to our next hike out with H Plus, it’s always a TON of fun!
Stay tuned for more details.


Also check back soon for details on our upcoming summer Kayak trips!

Happy Trails!

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Autumn stroll in Kuju


This is a beautiful time of year in Japan especially in the mountains of Kuju. The forests have given up their green luster and turned into beautiful shades of red and yellow. One of the best routes to see this is from the Yoshibu trailhead up to Bogatsuru camping area nestled in the middle of the Kuju highlands and this is where we went last Sunday. This was also the first trip with my new truck!

IMG_1012.jpg IMG_1067.jpg

The weather was perfect, a beautiful sunny sky with almost no wind. As we walked up the trail the fallen leaves crunched under our every footstep. One of the things I love about hiking from fall to spring is the fact that with no leaves on the trees you can see deeper into the surrounding forests and you can get a better feel of the terrain.

IMG_1005_20101120073002.jpg IMG_1055.jpg

The forest opened up as we reached Bogatsuru and revealed a huge landscape surrounded by mountains, this area is one of the largest marshlands in Japan and a popular camping area for Kyushu Hikers. After we arrived at the campsite we found our lunch spot and settled in. Today’s menu, Curry Udon! Yummy!

IMG_1018_20101120073107.jpg IMG_1021.jpg
IMG_1026_20101120073150.jpg IMG_1025.jpg

With full tummy’s we worked our way back in to the forest, this time on the opposite side of the valley for the hike down. About half an hour down the trail we came to my favorite break area, the Kurazome Waterfall, a beautiful place that most of you who follow my blog have seen before, but pictures don’t do it justice.

IMG_1028.jpg IMG_1040.jpg
IMG_1053.jpg IMG_1060.jpg

After our coffee break we worked our way back down through the autumn leaves and even heard deer in the distance, a great way to finish off a really fun day.


Until next time, happy trails!

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True Camp Event 2010

True Camp 2010


For the past three years I have luckily been asked by “The North Face” to take part in the annual “TRUE CAMP” event as the Trekking guide. This years event took place last weekend, with the setting the same as last years event, the beautiful Misato village of central Kumamoto.

先週2010年の“True Camp” イベントに行きました!今年もトレッキングの分のガイドしました。場所は去年とおなじ中熊本県の美里町でした。

IMG_0360_20101007084709.jpg IMG_0359.jpg

The forecast for the event was as we say in Japanese, “Ayashii” and there were a few last minute cancellations but a solid group of people turned out for two days of outdoor fun. On Saturday was the flyfishing and Dutch Oven event and Sunday was the Trekking and Kayaking portion.

週末の天気情報はあやしいだけどけっこいっぱい参加する人来ました。土曜日はDUTCH OVENとFLYFISHING の体験で日曜日はカヤックとトレッキングの体験。

IMG_0357.jpg IMG_0366.jpg

The weather held out and gave us a beautiful day all Saturday and luckily for the Sunday morning hike up Mt. Kosa, but then the rains came, and boy did they come with a bang! By the time we got back to the camp for lunch the rain was coming down in buckets and thunder and lightning had every running to their tents.


IMG_0365.jpg IMG_0372.jpg

The rest of the storm was spent under our tent, luckily Matsumoto San brought his huge MSR Pavillion tent so we had a great time just kicking back waiting for the rain to let up. Once it did everyone scrambled around packing up gear and the closing ceremonies were held as always with the much anticipated gear raffle!

この時間は松本さんのでかいMSR パビリオンテントの中につぶした、のこりの食べ物全部なくなった! 雨あがったあとにはイベントの閉会式とみなが大好きのプレゼントタイム!そのあとはかたずけ。。。時間かかった!

IMG_0367.jpg IMG_0373.jpg

The weather could have been better but it definitely made for a memorable experience and I can`t wait for next years “TRUE CAMP”. It looks like next years event will be held in the Kuju Highlands of Oita. Otanoshimini!


Happy trails!

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イソヒヨドリ、The Blue Rockthrush

Isohiyodori, the Blue Rockthrush


Hey everyone I just wanted to write a quick note about a cute little friend we made on our recent trip to Yakushima. On the last day we did a bit of sightseeing and on our way around the island we stopped at Inakahama, a famous place for the breeding of sea turtles.

IMG_9773.jpg IMG_9765.jpg

While we were there we could hear a very melodious bird call. Upon closer exploration we discovered a breeding colony of Isohiyodori or Blue Rockthrush ,( Monticola solitaries). This beautiful blue bird is about the size of a starling and usually inhabits rocky seashores nesting in cliffs but can also sometimes be found in the city. The slate blue plumage is unique to the male with the female being dark brown in colour. Another tidbit of trivia is that this bird is actually the National bird of the island nation of Malta.

IMG_9774.jpg IMG_9781.jpg

So the next time you`re out exploring a rocky beach area, keep your eye out for this little gem.
Happy trails!

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