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The last couple of adventures and the fun still to come!


Hey everyone! As usual I’m late with the updates again!!! Sorry!!! As I said before, Facebook is just so easy!! If you haven’t liked the Amarok Facebook page yet, please do as the updates with come much more often!

Anyway I wanted to bring you all up to date with our latest adventures and let you know about the ones coming up that you can still get in on. I also want to let you all know about some big changes that will be happening in the next few months.

First the updates on where we’ve been and what we did;

Hiko San Shioji Taki hike
Our first hike of the year took place on January 4th when we headed off in to the sacred mountain area of Mt. Hiko deep in Fukuoka Prefecture. Once again we were in search of the frozen waterfall known as Shiojitaki. The past few years our main winter destination was Nansho ga taki near Fukuoka city and only found this waterfall last year but am so glad we did as it’s a spectacular sight to see. The days after we went the temperature rose and the waterfall crumbled away so we were very happy to see it before it disappeared for another year.

photo_20130323013441.jpg photo12.jpg
photo1_20130323013901.jpg photo4_20130323013909.jpg

Kuju Winter hike
Our next adventure took place in the Kuju Highlands of Oita were we went for our annual winter camp at the Bogatsuru campsite. We headed up from Chojabaru along the Ame ga Ike route and enjoyed the steady climb through the snow which glistened beautifully in the sun. After setting up camp we just kicked back to enjoy being outdoors before getting ready for an onsen and an early nights sleep. The reason for going to ground so early is because we had to get up early.

Kuju Camp (5) Kuju Camp (2)
IMG_0083.jpg Kuju Camp (3)

Todays adventure was to wake up and climb to the top of Mt. Daisen before sunrise to enjoy the view of the “Goraiko” from the summit. We made it to the top with only about 10 minutes to spare but were rewarded with an absolutely beautiful sunrise. The air was so clear that we could see the surrounding mountains so clearly, it was truly a sight I will never forget and I was so glad that we made the early morning effort!!

IMG_0019.jpg IMG_0026_20130323014312.jpg
IMG_0013_20130323014321.jpg IMG_0054.jpg

Before the end of the winter season we just had to go to our regular stomping ground of Nansho ga taki and once again we made it just in time to see the frozen sheet of ice before it hibernates for another year. There were quite a few people on the trail and on the way down we came upon a rescue in progress which left me shaking my head for a number of reasons and something that could take up a whole blog post itself. If you want to know more about it ask me the next time we meet.

photo_20130323015231.jpg photo2_20130323015246.jpg
photo1_20130323015305.jpg IMG_0008_20130323015319.jpg

Aso Takadake and Nakadake hike
Our last intended winter hike was to Aso in Kumamoto on February 11th but as you can see from the pictures, no snow so not much of a winter hike but still a great day just the same!! A few years ago we came here around the same time of year and found a ton of “Muhyo” and -16 degree temperatures but this time I was eventually hiking with my sleeves rolled up! As always when in Aso we had to be careful about the fumes from the volcano but we ran in to no problem at all and had a great day on the moon like landscape.

IMG_0009.jpg IMG_0032.jpg
photo_20130323020329.jpg IMG_0028.jpg
IMG_0021_20130323020420.jpg IMG_0013_20130323020431.jpg

Now that you’re up to date on what we did and where we went I want to let you know about our upcoming schedule.

Amarok Spring Schedule

3月24日 Ihara Raizan Day trip  井原山雷山日帰りツアー
3月29日 Yufudake Day trip 由布岳日帰りツアー
3月30日 H Plus Yufudake Daytrip 由布岳日帰りツアー

4月13日 Hiking Daytrip  日帰り山ツアー Let me know where you want to go!
4月20~21日 Wilderness First Aid 2 day Beginner course in Fukuoka
4月27日 H Plus and IMS Tachibana Yama hiking event

5月3~6日 Golden Week Yakushima tour GW屋久島ロングツアー
5月11日 Ihara Raizan Day trip  井原山雷山日帰りツアー
5月18~20 Yakushima or Okue CampTour 屋久島か大崩キャンプツアー
5月25日 Farewell for now Party お店別れ会

Now I’m sure you all noticed the “Farewell For Now” party on the 25 and I will write more on why later but yes it has come time for my family and I to go back to Canada.

We will be leaving the beginning of June but want to get everyone together for one last party before we go so we can reflect over all the fun and adventures we’ve had over the past 5 years. Like I said I will write more about this later or you can contact me directly for more information.

I will say this again later too but I want to thank everyone for all the support and will cherish all the wonderful adventures we’ve had!!


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Happy New Year Everyone!!

2013 Amarok Nengajo

Welcome to 2013! I hope you all had a great holiday season and got to spend lots of time with your loved ones. How many of you have come up with New Years resolutions? One of mine for this year is to be better at posting on the blog more and not just on Facebook!

Now that 2013 is here its time to get hiking! Our first tour will happen tomorrow when we head into the mountains of Fukuoka to the Mt. Hiko area to see the beautiful Shioji waterfall which usually freezes to become a glistening curtain of ice. Check back soon to see the pictures!

Here are a few more of our upcoming events,

19日(土) 難所ヶ滝
27日(日) 難所ヶ滝

4日(月)  阿蘇中岳、高岳ツアー
8-11(4日間) 日野外・災害救急法アドバンスコース大分

See the calendar below for more tours and events. If any of these catch your eye and you’d like to join us please send me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com

Happy Trails!

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A few trips to Ebino Kogen!


Once again my apologies to everyone!! I’ve been neglecting my blog and spending more time on Facebook. It’s just so easy!!! Anyway enough groveling I’m not here just to grovel for your forgiveness but to bring you all up to date on all the fun we’ve been haven’t the last little while.

1_20121210015744.jpg 2_20121210015744.jpg

Most of our recent fun has been taking place in the same area, the Ebino Plateau in Miyazaki, the same area that has been under the bombardment of Shinmoedake volcano over the past year or so. Last June the area around Mt. Karakuni was open for hiking so we were all looking forward to climbing it again.

3_20121210015745.jpg 4_20121210015746.jpg

The fun bunch from Fullmarks

Our first trip was a really fun camping adventure with the Fullmarks shop Fukuoka. We arrived late morning and after setting up our campsite we headed out under a beautiful blue sky to hike to the top of Mt. Shiratori and explore around the surrounding crater lakes for the rest of the afternoon before coming back to camp for dinner and a relaxing time around the campfire before heading off to our tents.

5_20121210015959.jpg 7_20121210020000.jpg
6_20121210020001.jpg 8_20121210020001.jpg

I remember thinking that with weather this good maybe we should have climbed Mt. Karakuni on Saturday because 2 full days of really good weather is a rare thing on this plateau and as it turns out I was right because we were greeted with cloudy skies the following morning. None the less after a quick breakfast we hit the trail and made it to the summit in good time but greeted with chilly winds and no view of Takachiho mine, the most we could get today was the odd glimpse of Onami lake peeking through the clouds.

10_20121210020125.jpg 11_20121210020125.jpg

We didn’t get the view this time but we still had a great couple days and I want to thank everyone who came out to make it such a fantastic trip!

12_20121210020224.jpg 13_20121210020227.jpg

Our next trip to Ebino Plateau was just for the day, but what a great day it was!! The sky was blue and the air was warm. Again this time our objective was to climb Mt. Karakuni and I was fairly sure that this time we’d be greeted with the view this area is famous for!!


We were NOT disappointed!!

1_20121210020419.jpg 2_20121210020419.jpg

When we reached the top we very quickly realized that we were not the only people out for a day in the mountains as the summit was dotted with hikers. As per the norm Mana was hamming it up getting all kinds of affection from anyone that showed an interest in her, needless to say there was a lot of interest in her!

3_20121210020517.jpg 4_20121210020516.jpg

After lunch at the summit we headed down toward Onami Lake and then followed to trail to complete the loop and put the finishing touches on a really fun day!!

5_20121210020654.jpg 6_20121210020654.jpg

Our next trip will be to the Kuju Highlands on December 23rd to explore the fields of Muhyo covering the landscape.  There is still room available so if you'd like to join us  drop me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com

7_20121210020559.jpg 8_20121210020600.jpg

Also keep an eye on our shedule for up coming trips!

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Yakushima, from sea to sky!


Once again we went back to Yakushima during the 3 day weekend at the beginning of October, no matter how many times I go I can’t get enough of this place!!

1_20121024082912.jpg 2_20121024082918.jpg

This time instead of the 3 day traverse we decided to take it easy with time by the sea and a short day trip on Sunday. After we arrived on the island we went to visit our friends at YNAC before heading to Kurio to set up our camp. Kurio is a cute little hamlet located over half way around the island and is one of the most popular divesites on the island.

3_20121024082923.jpg 4_20121024082929.jpg

After our camp was setup there was time to head to the beach and wade through the tidal pools that were teeming with life. Before we head home we were planning to go for a dive and after looking at all the creatures in the pools we really started to look forward to it!

6_20121024083110.jpg 7_20121024083116.jpg
10_20121024083225.jpg 11_20121024083231.jpg

The next morning we drove up to the Senpiro waterfall hidden deep in the valley were we stopped for some pictures before heading up to Mt.Mochomu.

8_20121024083128.jpg 9_20121024083134.jpg
12_20121024083236.jpg 13_20121024083241.jpg

I’ve been wanting to climb this mountain for a while and was really excited. The trail is not that long when compared to other routes on Yakushima but the grade makes it quite a hump to the top but believe me ITS WORTH IT! The view from the top is breathtaking!!

14_20121024083342.jpg 15_20121024083348.jpg
16_20121024083423.jpg 17_20121024083429.jpg

After taking in the awe inspiring scenery we headed back to our camp where after a short break it was time for a dive. Dave and I dove here a few years ago and were really eager to get in the water for a sunset dive.

18_20121024083521.jpg 19_20121024083527.jpg
20_20121024083542.jpg 21_20121024083548.jpg

My camera wasn’t working properly so the pictures didn’t turn out like I had hoped but I got a couple that show you a little bit of how beautiful the waters around Yakushima are.

22_20121024083627.jpg 23_20121024083632.jpg

The last day we got up early and after cleaning up our camp we headed out for a bit of sightseeing before getting on the ferry for home. We stopped by a Gajumaru or Banyan tree made famous in the NHK drama “Manten”, as well as the Oko waterfall, one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan.

26_20121024083718.jpg 25_20121024083712.jpg

As we were driving through the Natural heritage site I got a great shot that is the epitome of Yakushima, on the side of the road we saw a family of Yakushima Macaus and as I was taking their picture a deer calmly walked up beside them and the Macaus didn’t even flinch, pure harmony! Awesome!


I love this place!!

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Yakushima Tour report


Hi everyone once again sorry for the break between blog reports most of my reports have been going to Facebook recently instead of my blog.

皆さんこんにちは最近このブログUP してないんですみませんでした。

Starting this month I'll try and be more consistent in my blog postings, and to start things off I'd like to talk about our most recent tour to Yakushima.


1_20121002000830.jpg 2_20121002000836.jpg

Once again this year we took on the 3 day traverse from the Yodogawa trailhead and ended at the Shiratani Unsuikyo.


3_20121002000950.jpg 4_20121002000957.jpg

The first day we were hoping to make it to at least the Hananoeigo camping area but the rain was too heavy so we decided to cut the route short and stay at the Yodogawa hut the first night.


5_20121002001344.jpg 8_20121002001351.jpg

The next morning the rain has lightened up and by around 9 o'clock the sun had come out and the skies were clear when we reached Mt. Miyanoura, At 1935 m the tallest mountain in Kyushu.


6_20121002001153.jpg 7_20121002001159.jpg
9_20121002001216.jpg 10_20121002001222.jpg

After a short break at the summit we traversed the ridge and headed on down to the Shintakatsuka mountain hut where we stopped for the second night.


11_20121002001436.jpg 12_20121002001443.jpg

On the third day we woke up early to a star filled sky and after a quick breakfast we packed up and headed out into the darkness. Along the way we caught a beautiful sunrise and after about an hour of walking we reached Jomon Sugi quite possibly the oldest tree in the world.


13_20121002001527.jpg 14_20121002001532.jpg

After posing for pictures in front of the big tree we slowly made our way down past Wilson's stump and onto the toroko michi.


15_20121002001610.jpg 16_20121002001658.jpg

The taxi was going to meet us at the Shiratani Unsuikyo trailhead so after about an hour of walking down the Toroko michi we headed up our last climb to the Tsuki pass and after going past there we made our way slowly down past the moss covered Mononoke's forest before reaching the end of the trail and the end to a great three days of hiking and camping in the beautiful mountains of Yakushima.


17_20121002001750.jpg 18_20121002001757.jpg
19_20121002001806.jpg 20_20121002001813.jpg

I just want to say thank you to a great bunch of people who worked really hard during the long trek.


21_20121002001855.jpg 22_20121002001901.jpg
24_20121002001907.jpg yaku sept 2012

Our next trip to Yakushima is actually happening this weekend and there are still spots available so if anyone would like to join please send me an email at john@amarok-outdoors.com  Also check out the schedule below for all of our other fun adventures happenning this month.

john@amarok-outdoors.com にメールして下さい!他のツアーは下のスケジュールにあります。是非今年の秋山の登りましょう!!

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